May 27, 2024

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “Baby Proof”

Season Three, Episode Five.

So, it seems there are some demons Ash won’t try to kill right away…

Look, Ash has no problem killing monster kids.  Why is he not doing so with Ruby’s now toddler-sized thing with a very large mouth?  Simple.  He notices the kid has a chainsaw hand and quickly deduces that with the hand, chin, and eyes, it’s a little Ash.  Sure, Ash knows the kid is evil, but he also knows the kid might have some answers, so he tells the foreign hitchhiker he wants to capture it instead.

That gets the hitchhiker killed when toddler monster bites her head off.  Then Ash has all kinds of fun when the kid takes control of the body and pops its head out of one of two openings in the headless corpse.  I’ll let you figure out which the other one is.  Ash eventually plugs up the holes with some convenient bowling balls, ties up the corpse, and dumps it with the demon baby inside into the trunk of the Delta.

As for Kelly and Brandy, Deadite Pablo finally gets inside the trailer and Brandy stabs him with the dagger.  That sends Pablo to the realm between life and death where his uncle the Brujo tells Pablo he can be a more powerful Brujo if he just passes an ancient test.

Does he?  Yes.  Duh.  He even gets a big kiss from Kelly when he wakes up.  But he has to go find Ash.  There’s some important stuff Ash needs to know.  Brandy volunteers to check the hardware store and does indeed find Ash.  So does Ruby.  And the sheriff.  Ruby and the sheriff don’t take kindly to Ash having a toddler in his trunk.  Sure, Ash says it’s a demon, but will Brandy believe him?

Actually, she does and helps her dad escape.  Why?

Well, maybe because as Ash says, he may be a lousy father, but he’s an even worse liar, so his crazy story has to be true.

Works for me!