December 6, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror XXVIII”

In which we do another Halloween thing.

There sure was a lot of CGI in this one.  At one point, that actually impresses Lisa.

The first CGI comes in the opening gag where the Simpsons are recast as Halloween candy (except Lisa, she’s an apple).  Kang and Kodos are there but don’t say anything.  Maybe they were too embarrassed by that awful non-Halloween episode they did.

That’s followed up with an Exorcist parody.  Maggie is possessed by the demon Pazuzu.  Homer had bought the statue off Amazon for her.  He thought it was a pizza.  Possessed Maggie traps the various citizens of Springfield in the Simpson house since there was a party going on.  Everyone seems rather nonchalant about the whole thing all things being equal, even after the demon kills Helen Lovejoy with a fireplace poker and Dr. Hibbert with his own thermometer.  Ned Flanders gets offed too.  It’s really a violent episode, but not by Halloween standards.

Think about that.

Anyhoo, a priest voiced by guest star Ben Daniels (who did the TV version of The Exorcist apparently) manages to exorcise the demon from Maggie, but then it goes into Bart, and Bart likes that.  The demon doesn’t.  Homer still has jury duty.

Don’t ask.

The next segment had the rest of the CGI as it went for a Coraline parody, complete with Neil Gaiman voicing the family cat.  The other world Lisa finds is in CGI, and unlike the original story, Lisa opts for the button eyes since it’s so much better over there than in her own world.  Bart soon follows when Homer suggests Bart do Lisa’s homework.  Marge goes next when Homer won’t go looking for the kids.  Homer finally goes over himself, but he doesn’t get the button eyes treatment, instead seeing the benefits of having extra versions of his family.

By the way, the cat could talk in either world, but he opted not to in the usual Simpsons-verse so as not to make the dog feel bad.

Additional nice touch:  Maggie was projectile vomiting all through the cartoon because she still had a touch of Pazuzu.

Finally, Homer was left alone and discovered he was delicious after an accident involving a hot dog, a severed finger, and a barbecue grill.  After that, nothing else was good enough for him and he ended up eating himself to death.  Guest appearances by celebrity chef Mario Batali and Exorcist director William Friedkin as a psychologist Homer and Marge go see.

Man, there sure was a lot of Exorcist in this episode.  There hasn’t been this much of a Halloween show through-line since Groundskeeper Willie kept getting axed in the back

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