January 22, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Serfsons”

In which the Simpsons go medieval for some reason.

So, for some reason, season twenty-nine opens with a parody of medieval fantasy stories, where the Simpsons are serfs and there’s magic and stuff and Billy Boyd from The Lord of the Rings sings a song over the closing credits.

I kinda liked it.

Sure, there were the requisite Game of Thrones bits, including Nikolaj Coster-Waldau playing Marge’s lecherous twin brother for one scene, but the gist is Marge’s mother was bitten by a White Walker who got a little fresh and the bite was killing her.  Marge can’t bear the thought of life without her mother and demands Homer get a magical amulet that will hold the ice at bay.  It only costs about hundred gold pieces.  Or maybe a thousand.  I forget.  Homer has no savings, and it turns out he doesn’t even get paid to crank that wheel at Mr. Burns’ place.

Fortunately, Lisa, who has been complaining about feudalism for the entire episode, can turn Homer’s lucky lead piece into gold because she has magical powers.  That works, but then she gets drafted into King Quimby’s wizarding school.  No one wants that, and Homer leads a peasants revolt to get her back and maybe they can learn what the afterlife really is.  The whole thing comes down to a fire-breathing dragon, and Grandma Bouvier can go all-ice to douse the monster’s fire.

As it turns out, that kills the dragon, and that kills magic too, including many goblin versions of regular Springfield residents and Aslan, the obnoxious Christian lion who tries to convert people by going door to door.  This is The Simpsons, so while Lisa talks up the benefits of science, Homer rekindles the fire, brings the dragon back to life, restores magic, and then watches the dragon burn the town down with his family from the castle walls.

So, yeah, weird, but I kinda liked this one.

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