September 25, 2023

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Lost In Space “Transmission”

Season One, Episode Five.

So, what is Dr. Smith’s game plan here?

Does she even have one?

Here’s the reason why I ask:  I am not sure how evil she is supposed to be.  She’s not a good person, that’s for sure, and she does have blood on her hands, but she could theoretically, you know, not do more of that.

Here’s the deal:  Maureen notices something wrong about the sun goes off by herself.  John is left with the colonists and the kids, where Judy confronts Don about the smuggling, Don confronts Smith about the flare gun, she claims it was an accident, and then Judy confronts Smith about the flare gun, but Smith, well, she tells Judy the truth about things Don did.  Now, here’s the thing:  it’s all true, but without the context for Don’s actions, it makes him look bad.

That’s rather clever.

John, meanwhile, thinks Will is upset the Robot abandoned him like John used to as a military man.  Will does not disabuse him of this.

Now all this is based around a plot where the survivors are trying to get a signal out to the Resolute.  They actually do get the signal off that night, and everyone is happy, even as the light attracts a host of the planet’s butterfly-like creatures.  That’s cool.  Until a giant lizard shows up to eat them and wreck the tower.

Why do all the humans panic and run away?  The thing was eating insects.  OK, it looks like it’s going to eat Judy and then John, but Will finally (under Smith’s advice) summons the Robot to beat back the giant lizard, plus another one.  And after Will convinces it to fight back, it goes into its attack form which all the people who saw it on the Resolute recognize.  That’s bad news.

Also bad news:  Maureen realizes the planet is being ripped apart by dueling suns.

Uh oh.