March 30, 2023

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Simpsons Did It!: “Dogtown”

In which Springfield lets the dogs gain power.

So, is Michael York’s Dr. Budgie a regular character now or what?

And hey, let’s end the season with the couch gag (involving the Simpsons climbing a mountain with some sherpas to watch TV on their couch, until Maggie shows up and shatters her family like ice with a few taps from her pick), and then run the rest of the show’s opening.  Well, there’s a good reason as Homer leaves work and instead of driving home like he does for most episodes, he gets stuck in traffic.  After activating a very judgmental GPS app, he goes all over the place and eventually shoots down an alley where he sees two individuals eating out of garbage cans.  Who are they?  Hapless town loser Gil and Santa’s Little Helper.  Homer will have to hit one of them.  Who will he spare?

He spares the dog.

That does mean Gil can win a lawsuit and get everything the Simpsons have, but then Homer says in court he couldn’t hit the dog.  This is Springfield, so naturally everyone decides it’s better to hit Gil than the dog and somehow Homer becomes a town hero.  Dogs are celebrated all over, and that means even tiny things like Milhouse’s pet chihuahua Taquito is strutting proud (Kirk shows submission after failing to get the tiny pooch out of his flower garden).  After Dr. Budgie is arrested for prioritizing saving a racehorse over a dog, he points out that there could be a real problem if the dogs realize humans aren’t the alphas in the pack anymore.

And then the dogs figure it out and start roaming town, running everything.  Even Santa’s Little Helper joins the newly feral pack.  Can anything stop them?

Yes!  A human will have to stand up to them!  Gil volunteers at the town meeting because he’s the lowest member of the community.  Barney thought he was until Moe pointed out Barney is actually much lower than that.  Gil struts off to save the day.

Unfortunately, Bart and Lisa were out looking for Santa’s Little Helper, and the protection of the Crazy Cat Lady only extends so far.  After the pair are trapped in a tree by the dogs, Marge shows up and inadvertently challenges the Alpha Dog, who happens to be Taquito.  She ends up punting the thing.  Now all the dogs are submissive again and Gil missed his big chance.  All the dogs go home, and Gil even gets something of a happy ending as Taquito seems to be happily liking the loser’s face.

Too bad Taquito is only tasting Gil to get the flavor of the man he plans to eat when Gil dies.

Also, the Simpsons’ cat feels left out of all this.

And thus endeth season twenty-eight.

What the hell happened to this show?

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