April 23, 2024

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “Unfinished Business”

Season Three, Episode Four.

Well, now we know what Brock Williams tried to tell his son once upon a time.

Oh, and Ash hates his full name.  Big surprise there.

Yes, after disposing of the Deadite Brock, the real Brock’s ghost shows up to tell Ash something important.  It seems that once upon a time Brock owned the hardware store where Ash has set up his own business.  One day a Knight of Sumeria came in looking for Ash.  Brock though the guy was full of it and after a bit of arguing, Brock pushed the guy down the stairs into the basement.  Ash didn’t know he had a basement.  It seems the guy looked dead, so Brock nailed the door shut and left.  Said guy had some spare pages from the Necronomicon.  That can’t be good.  Ash and his ghost dad manage to get down into the basement and find…well, the guy wasn’t dead when Brock nailed him in there, but he is now.  Fortunately, he isn’t a Deadite, but he left the pages out and Ash did get them once he got past the demonic tree roots.  And having a ghost for back-up isn’t overly helpful there since he can’t, you know, help.

Also fortunate Brock dated Miss Pruit once, the name Ruby is going by, and can send Ash to the house Ruby is probably using (she is).  He can also tell Ash he is sure Ash will be a terrible father to Brandy just before he fades away.

As for Brandy, Kelly managed to get to her before the teen went to Ruby’s house, and that’s when possessed Pablo attacks.  The two women barricade themselves inside Ash’s reinforced trailer, but Pablo did manage to bite Kelly before that and it looks like a new Pablo is growing mouth-first out of Kelly’s leg.

That is creative and horrifying at the same time.

Ash does get to Ruby’s house and finds the kidnapped Norwegian hitch hiker, plus the baby thing, now grown to small child size.  Ash wasn’t too worried since the kid was a thumb sucker, but then he realized the kid was sucking someone else’s severed thumb.  The hitchhiker is handcuffed to a sink, and Ash can’t get her off without waking the kid because he’s Ash and the robo-hand isn’t working right anymore.

That’s a bad place to end an episode.  Oh, it’s a good cliffhanger, but it’s not good for any of the characters.