May 27, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Moho House”

In which Mr. Burns and another billionaire bet on the Simpsons' marriage.

Did Valarie Harper and Michael York become regulars on The Simpsons when I wasn’t looking?  Both do guest starring roles for this episode.  York’s is substantial, but Harper just has a line or two as a dream sequence of Mrs. Butterworth who, no surprise, Homer has a thing for.

What’s up this time?  Homer is late for dinner because he was getting drunk at Moe’s again, and this time Marge is just furious.  The worst part is she doesn’t show it, but fortunately, she goes to the Power Plant to make up with Homer the next day and he promises to be a better husband again.

But this time, there’s a twist!  Well, maybe.  Mr. Burns is watching with an old school friend (if he has friends, ya know), an old billionaire who doesn’t believe in love himself.  He’s an Englishman named Nigel (York), and he makes a wager he can break the Simpsons up.  Burns agrees.  The initial wager is for five million pounds.

And, well, it doesn’t quite work.  Nigel more or less coerces Homer into going drinking when Homer, for once, doesn’t want to go to Moe’s and wants to go home to Marge.  When Homer finally gets out of there, Moe chats with his best customer for a minute and they talk about, among other things, why Moe calls Marge “Midge”.

Marge is in a bad way at home anyway.  She sees all the other couples in Springfield having lovely times, including Ned Flanders with the ghosts of his two dead wives…GAH!  THAT’S WRONG!

But then Homer comes home and Marge, well, she won’t hear of anything, so she has her usual night’s sleep which apparently consists of crying all night.

But then Homer tries to take her out to Moe’s new place.  Yes, Moe has a trendy new place atop a skyscraper, much to Barney’s chagrin since he left the manuscript for the novel he was working on inside the old place.  How did Moe get such an establishment?  Nigel bought it, and he upped the ante on the bet.  He’ll give Burns his entire fortune if the Simpsons stay together, but Burns has to hand over Smithers if they break up.  Yes, that is in Smithers’ contract.

What that means is Nigel coaches Moe to steal Marge while Smithers helps out Homer.  Moe is actually being a bit charming, and Smithers gives Homer some diamond earrings meant for Smithers’ mother.  Marge is devastated by the nice gift because A) she knows Homer didn’t buy them and B) a bartender suggested the real worry should be if Homer’s behavior does change.

By the by, Marge looks nice with her hair down when she goes to Moho House.  Just sayin’.

Is this the end?  Nah.  Moe feels bad and secretly invites Homer and Marge to his place and helps them patch things up.  Plus, it turns out Marge hates to be called “Midge”.  Nigel keeps his money when Smithers tricks Burns into thinking the check was a coupon and Nigel wasn’t real, then gets his contract fixed.  Plus, Moe goes back to his old place.

So, yeah, same old Simpsons where a one time huge TV sitcom star does a line or two as an advertising mascot.