January 28, 2023

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Big Little Lies “You Get What You Need”

Season One Finale.

Well, we got some answers.  Some even to questions we didn’t know we had.  Like how the guy who runs that coffee shop, Tom, isn’t gay because he asks Jane out.

And then someone refers to them as “Tom and Jane” which freaks me out a little since those are my parents’ names.

OK, so, what happened?

Who attacked Amabella?

It wasn’t Ziggy.  It was Max, one of Celeste’s twins.  Three guesses who his example was.  Ziggy knew and Amabella asked him to keep it a secret because she was afraid of Max.  Jane tells Celeste, and Celeste was looking to leave the abusive, controlling Perry anyway.  Now she has another reason to, plus it allows Renata and Jane to make nice.

Who died?


Who raped Jane and fathered Ziggy?

Perry again.  He’s, like, the only bad guy in the series when push comes to shove.

That may be a bad choice of words (see below).

I will say…this show did a really nice thing when it showed Jane realize who Perry is when they finally come face to face and how she conveys this knowledge to Celeste and Madeline without saying a word.

What do the cops believe?

They think Celeste killed Perry.  But they also know the five women witnesses (Jane, Madeline, Renata, Celeste and one other) are lying for some reason.  Why lie when Celeste would probably just get community service for manslaughter in self-defense?

Who killed Perry?

The fifth woman.  Bonnie.

That’s right.  Bonnie.

Bonnie saw Perry going nuts on Celeste and the other women unable to stop him, so she got a running start and gave him a good solid push down some stairs.  He broke his neck and died.

So, that’s that.  Wait, there was one question I never got….

Trivia night?

See, this is the school’s fall fundraiser, and everyone involved keeps calling it a “trivia night” but all I saw was people dressed up in costumes and singing Elvis songs.  What does that have to do with trivia?

OK, so, Big Little Lies was a murder mystery where the murder, well, didn’t matter much.  The other members of the community being catty were, ultimately, a distraction and the one downside to this otherwise great bit of television.  Top notch acting, writing, and direction were behind this one.  HBO apparently decided to do another season, so I have that to look forward to…eventually.  As for this one, let’s say 9.5 out of 10 legal threats.

In the meantime, I need something else for Tuesdays.  I know HBO is producing new seasons for a few of my past Tuesday shows, but nothing anytime soon as far as I know.  So, here’s what I’ll do instead:  let’s put up an anthology show I can drop between seasons without worrying too much, or altogether if I don’t like it and won’t feel compelled to finish the thing.

Let’s get a little campy and a little spooky.

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