August 16, 2022

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Lost In Space “The Robinsons Were Here”

Season One, Episode Four.

Hey, good news!  That chicken survived!

Oh, so did Don and that unconscious woman.

Yes, Don got picked up by a different family of survivors, the Watanabes.  Maureen, John, and Judy all head over there to make sure everything is working out and to let Judy check on the unconscious woman.  Don hits on Judy.  Judy blows him off.

I like Don in this incarnation, actually, but that was a smart move, Judy.

Will, Penny, and Dr. Smith were left behind with the Robot.  John doesn’t trust a thing that can push a perimeter fence post deep into the ground while barely flexing. but Smith?  Oh he says she isn’t dangerous.

Someone should show him the previous three episodes.

As it is, two things happen:  John, Maureen, and Don head off to a crash site that John figures is not a Jupiter shuttle.  He’s right.  It’s part of the Resolute.  Particularly, it’s the communications relay and some storage that might have had spare parts in it except Don was using those spaces to smuggle whiskey.  Oops.

By the by, why do I like Don?  He’s been to the colony world before, and he very quickly points out much of what the Robinsons have been told about the place is a load of BS.  As he puts it, you can’t escape your problems that way.

That makes things more awkward after Maureen and John are stranded for a while inside the Resolute only moments after Maureen asked John where he was going to live when they arrived at Alpha Centauri.

But what about the kids?  Well, Judy learns from Angela the now-conscious woman that the Robot used to be homicidal.  Will knew that and figures it might be best to sneak the thing off and hide it in a cave.  Penny goes along with that, not knowing about the Robot’s killer past, and the kids discover flowers that bloom when you clap, and then see the Robot make a bridge for them when they hear something big following them, only for the Robot to then scare the something big away.  Really, it seems friendly, and when they get to the cave, Judy has decided to let the whole Robot-killed-people thing slide for now.  Besides, they also dodged another group of survivors and when the elected leader’s kid saw the Robot, Penny managed to blackmail him into silence.  That’s OK.  Maureen voted for the other guy.

Penny also found the same painting supplies in the cave that primitive man used once upon a time and makes the episode’s title statement on the wall, with each of the kids leaving a handprint behind.  The Robot does the same on its own.  Now if only that Figure 8 thing it does that means “danger” was explained…

As it is, the kids got back to the Jupiter 2 ahead of their folks (just barely) and the parents accepted the Robot’s departure (for now).

Of course, Dr. Smith is trying to sweet talk the Robot to her side by episode’s end…

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