June 19, 2024

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Bento Review: Warzones! 1872

It's back to Battleworld to see the place where the Marvel heroes were Western-style heroes instead of the superhero type.

It’s not the first time Comic Bento sent me a Warzones! book from Marvel’s most recent Secret Wars.  But hey, I did read all of them before, so let’s see how well 1872 holds up.

I actually dug this one.  Recasting the Marvel heroes and villains as Western heroes and villains (and not always the expected way as Wonder Man was a villain here), we don’t get much in the way of superpowers on display (there’s something hinted at in the end), but we do have Sheriff Steve Rogers, drunk builder Tony Stark, apothecary Bruce Banner and others living in the outpost town of Timely (AKA Marvel’s original name) as the evil Mayor Fisk looks to tighten his grip on the town.  Enter Red Wolf, a Native American looking to blow up the nearby dam so his people can have fresh water again, something many of the residents of Timely don’t seem to have a problem with.

The main story was fun, but the book also contained two back-ups:  the first appearance of Red Wolf in the pages of The Avengers and an 8-page story that ran in Marvel Comics Presents.  The latter is utterly forgettable aside from a brief mention of Donald Trump as Red Wolf compares the Indian casino he is protecting for a friend to one of Trump’s own.  That was…a moment that has aged weirdly.  Overall 8 out of 10 violent holy men.

NEXT BOOK:  Crap, this is the second month in a row that Comic Bento sent me a book I already have.  Oh well, I’ll just read the second volume of Letter 44  from Oni like I had always planned to.