May 26, 2024

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “Apparently Dead”

Season Three, Episode Three.

Man, this was a bad episode for Ash to deal with dead loved ones.  Or “loved” ones.

Yes, it’s Candace’s funeral, and Ash is granted the right to see her privately before the ceremony since he was her husband for an hour and a half by his reckoning..  Of course the funeral director put her back together.  Or course Ash got into a fight with the Deadite version of Candace without anyone else seeing it.  Of course he knocked himself out with the coffin lid and got stuck inside.  And of course he came to in the middle of the service and made everyone flip out.

Yeah, Brandy wants to move in with her guidance counselor.  And yes, Ash now knows it’s Ruby, the evil, immortal version.

Brandy doesn’t believe him.

Now, Ash does know he needs that dagger back, and Pablo is getting visions of a naked spirit woman (yes, he hits on her), and so Ash asks Pablo, Kelly, and Dalton to go check the cabin’s remains for it.  They do find it, but not before Dalton gets killed and becomes a Deadite that lasts long enough for Pablo to hit him with a truck.

Ruby, meanwhile, drops Brandy off at Ash’s house, and the girl seems to be maybe warming to the place when she hears someone in the shower.  Who is it?  Um…Ash’s dead father Brock.  He looks fine.  He sounds fine.  He isn’t fine, but Brandy refuses to believe her dad that grandpa is a Deadite.  Sure, the two men struggle, but Brandy keeps getting knocked out and missing everything until she finally sees Ash run a chainsaw through Brock’s guts.

Yeah, she is so out of there.