June 23, 2024

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Lost In Space “Infestation”

Season One, Episode Three.

So, who is Dr. Smith?

Her real name is June Harris.  She is the ex-con sister of a wealthy businesswoman named Jess (hey, it’s Selma Blair!).   “Smith” drugged her sister and stole her ID to take Jess’ place in the colonization program.  She then let a man who knew Jess get flushed out an airlock on the space station, leading to her arrest by the station just before the Robot attacked the station, allowing her to escape.  That’s some information, but there’s a lot still missing.  She did kill a man, but it wasn’t a deliberate act to knock him into the airlock and she did sorta reach for the release button, weighing the option of letting a man die against letting the entire station know she wasn’t Jessica Harris.  That seems to be more her MO so far:  she doesn’t actively try to kill people so much as she takes a cowardly way out every time to keep herself ahead of, oh, everything.  Plus, she’s creepy.  Much of this episode, outside the flashbacks, shows the Jupiter 2 may be about to sink deep into the ice of that glacier if the Robinsons don’t get it out somehow before then, and they are low on fuel for reasons I will get into below.  Smith’s first thought it to leave.  When Maureen points out there aren’t enough supplies for everybody, Smith opts to leave anyway.

Yes, I am going to keep calling her Dr. Smith.  It’s as good a name as any.

Also, she was observing the family while they all slept.  She’s creepy.  Maybe not a deliberate murderer (there’s still leaving Don behind during the storm to consider), but someone who has no problem leaving people behind to preserve her own safety even if it is at the expense of others.  Theoretically, Don could survive the storm with the other woman and the chicken.  Sure, Smith left him without a flare gun, and then said she was alone when the Robinsons picked her up…

Wait, I may need to rethink the whole “Smith isn’t a deliberate murderer” thing.

She murders less through deliberate action as she does deliberate inaction to keep her own butt safe.

Oh, the rest of the plot:  some kind of giant worms are living off the fuel, and that lets John be a badass while idealistic Maureen doesn’t recognize Judy has some PTSD.  Will gets scared and the Robot locks him in a closet, and the only reason Smith doesn’t leave the ship is because she’s locked in the closet with Will, and she then theorizes the Robot works off Will’s emotional needs, not his actual commands.  The Robinsons get the ship out with the last of the fuel and land in a more stable location.  And Smith, well, Smith may have some ideas now.