February 26, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Pork And Burns”

In which Marge wants to get rid of a lot of things, especially Plopper the Pig.

Hey, they remembered Plopper!

Marge has found a new obsession:  uncluttering the way of a Japanese Warrior Monk.  The idea is simple:  get rid of anything that doesn’t give you joy.  While Marge is all for it, the other Simpsons react in different ways.

Bart claims everything he owns gives him joy and disposes of nothing.

Lisa gets rid of everything except for her saxophone and a Bleeding Gums Murphy poster.  Then she finds a lack of joy playing the sax and gets rid of that too.  Bart feels bad and manages to show her that people like her music by playing a recording over the school’s PA system.

But Homer?  Marge wants Homer to get rid of Plopper.  Homer realizes he really wants to keep the pig he only sporadically remembers he has.  On a walk with his kids, he sees a man enter a restaurant with a dog, but the dog is a therapy animal, and Homer realizes he can pretend to have anxiety and keep the pig.  Everyone wins!

Well, everyone except Lisa.  Guest star Joyce Carol Oates was eating there and Lisa gave up her autograph book.  Will the author sign a menu?  No.  She only signs books and checks.

But then Plopper gets injured at Mr. Burns’ house.  Calling in a return visit by Michael York’s veterinarian, Mr. Burns keeps Plopper at his own private animal hospital to heal and falls for the pig the same way Homer did.

Does Homer gets his pig back?  Yes, with help from Smithers, and Marge will allow Homer to keep Plopper when he hastily says he’ll give up beer.

Oh, and it turns out Marge saved all the stuff everyone threw out in a storage locker, so Lisa got her sax back too.  That was expected.