February 5, 2023

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Comic Review: Captain Marvel Volume 1

Carol Danvers blasts off into space and makes new friends and enemies on other worlds.

Jenny takes a lot of abuse from people like me who think some kid who says “Shazam” is the one, true Captain Marvel.

But hey, I can be a big guy and try one of her favorite characters too.  So, let’s look at this collected edition subtitled Higher, Further, Faster, More.

The series picks up not long after the big Avengers crossover Infinity ended, when the Builders blew up random planets and the Avengers went into space, joined a galactic alliance, and then fought back.  Here, Carol has been selected by Tony Stark to go into space and see how things are going out there.  An alien girl crash-landed nearby looking for help, and someone needs to look into it.  That someone is Carol, and the series takes a complicated turn when it seems one of the members of the aforementioned Alliance, J’son of the Spartox, is trying to remove a colony of refugees from a planet they’d been allowed to settle when the colonists started to get sick.  What’s the problem there?  Well, like I said, it’s complicated.

Despite the description, this is actually a fairly light-hearted adventure from writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.  Carol just wants to help, she brought her foul-tempered cat along, the Guardians of the Galaxy do a guest-spot, and artist David Lopez alternates nicely between big action and nice character moments.  It’s just a fun series from Marvel, and that’s all you need sometimes.  Nine out of ten moments when Carol realizes how out-of-her-depth she is.

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