July 13, 2024

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Comic Review: DC Rebirth Suicide Squad Volume 2

Insanity ripples through Belle Reve prison, driving everyone inside to a murderous rage...with one noteworthy exception.

I didn’t quite know what to make of the first volume of the DC Rebirth version of Suicide Squad since, well, there seemed to be very little story there due to what I guessed (and Jimmy confirmed) was Jim Lee being unable to draw the entire issue and keep the schedule going in favor of various back-up stories.

Well, I decided to try the second volume, subtitled Going Sane.

After the Squad retrieved…well, that would be telling…in the previous arc, the act of trying to secure a real powerhouse for the Suicide Squad, much to the objection of Rick Flag but obviously to Waller’s favor, something happens throughout Belle Reve:  everyone starts to go insane.  That means superhuman prisoners, guards, administrators, everybody.  Well, not quite everybody.  While some of the people present can hold off the effects once they realize its happening, one person has the opposite reaction:  Harley Quinn.  Yes, for some reason, Harley Quinn actually gets her sanity back.

Much like the previous volume, this one didn’t have much to the main story due to Jim Lee apparently being unable to draw whole issues.  As such, I will say this:  I actually like the various back-up stories giving the various members of the Squad more backstory.  Now, this volume also had some kind of Harley April Fool’s Day special, and that was OK, but as a coherent book, the volume lacks because, well, it bounces around between main story, back-ups, and then the special, but Rob Williams seems to know what he’s doing.  I don’t love this Suicide Squad, but I do like it enough to maybe try another at some point.  Seven and a half out of ten tender moments with a crocodile man.