August 16, 2022

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Lost In Space “Diamonds In The Sky”

Season One, Episode Two.

You know, Lost in Space was not the sort of show I expected to see some product placement in, but then there they had those Oreos…

OK, so, what happened to Dr. Smith and Don West?  Well, their ship crashlanded on the same planet the Robinsons are on.  That other crewmember died, but there is still a chicken.  Don scrounges for stuff, including a flare gun with three shots, and taking “Smith” and the chicken, he leads them down from the mountain they’re on to find other survivors.  En route, they find a badly injured woman and there’s a storm coming.  West, Smith, unconscious woman, and the chicken find a cave, but Smith goes off to look for help and I’ll get back to her later.

As for the Robinsons, they’re trying to thaw out the Jupiter 2, and the problem there is Maureen and John are both trying to run the show and both have different priorities.  It looks like the more optimistic Maureen is actually the leader of the group, while military man John has other ideas.  The bickering couple take Will and the Robot to do some exploring while Judy (having some PTSD) and Penny continue to work on things there.  Penny had seen an explosion which was probably another Jupiter craft.

Well, things get weird.  Eventually, Maureen decides she wants to see the Robot’s crashed ship, and though John thinks it isn’t a good idea since he doesn’t quite trust the Robot yet, they head off that way and while the parents are looking around inside, the Robot does something that temporarily activates a map function.

Also, Will somehow learns the Robot slaughtered all those people on the space station, though the machine doesn’t seem to recall doing that now and follows Will’s commands exactly.  As such, he hides that knowledge from his parents.

But hey, that storm is still coming, and while Judy is still too nervous to drive the Chariot out to pick up her family since it isn’t exactly raining water, Penny will show some gumption to rescue the family with the Robot providing a search light.  And on the ride back, they spot a flare and go to rescue whoever shot it.

Yeah, that was Smith.  She stole the flair gun from Don’s pack and then told the Robinsons she was alone.  And she seemed to recognize the Robot…

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