February 23, 2024

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “Family”

Season Three, Episode One.

Ash vs Evil Dead was canceled by the network at some point while I was working my way through season two.  As such, well, after this set of 10, that’s all she wrote.  Bruce Campbell even hung up his chainsaw.

As for this episode, well, it turns out Ash has more relatives than he thought he did.

But what would Ash do with his newfound popularity in his old hometown of Elk Grove?  Simple!  He’d open a hardware store called “Ashy Slashy’s” that also sells…let’s call them marital aids.  And it looks like Pablo has a food truck outside.

Kelly?  She seems to have a bar somewhere away from Ash.  That helps because she actually sees the local version of Antiques Roadshow feature some poor professor type read something out of another copy of the Necronomicon, waking evil up again.  Ash missed it because he’s Ash.  But he won’t be missing it for long.  See, he’s approached by a woman who claims to be his wife.  When did Ash get married?  During a drunken bender.  What’s her name?  Candace Barr.  Or, you know, Candy Barr.  How’d Ash forget someone with a name like that?  She says they have a daughter, Brandy, and when it became clear that Evil had returned and Brandy, held after school for detention, wasn’t answering the phone, she very reluctantly went to Ash for help.  That means Pablo and Ash are off to the local high school.

By the by, who brought out that cursed book again?  Evil Ruby.  You know she’s evil because she’s very blonde right now.

Let’s see if Jenny catches this.

So, Ash does have some good news at the school.  Namely, they never found his secret pot stash.  But then Evil shows up and leads the three into the bandroom.  Brandy is in there with a friend…who quickly turns into a Deadite, and she even tosses a cymbal hard enough to decapitate Candace, meaning Ash is now a single dad.

And when the school mascot attacks (was the suit possessed or the person inside it?), Ash and Pablo are in real trouble until Kelly shows up with some biker-looking guy who says he’s a Knight of Sumeria.

So, the band is back together.  And Ash has a daughter.

May God help us all.