March 2, 2024

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Big Little Lies “Push Comes To Shove”

Season One, Episode Four.

Maybe it’s just because I happen to like Adam Scott, but I didn’t really notice how creepy and awkward his character was until this episode when he had to deal with Bonnie and said some…odd stuff.

I still like the guy, but he didn’t have to comment on Bonnie’s sweat.

Why does Ed go to Bonnie?  Because Bonnie wants to have a parenting discussion dinner with Ed and Bonnie’s respective spouses…the bitterly divorced pair of Madeline and Nathan.

But that’s the tame stuff.  Celeste rocks the meeting with the mayor to protect Madeline’s show, and she realized she missed being more than a mother.  That would be good news for anyone not married to a violent jackass like Perry, who wraps his hands around her throat when she disagrees.  Fortunately, one of their boys walks in.  He also wants another kid, but she says it’s a bit late for that.

Jane is told Ziggy may still be abusing Amabella, which is weird because Amabella says she and Ziggy are friends now.  As it is, a child psychologist agrees that Ziggy isn’t a bully.  So, there’s that.

Oh, and Madeline had an affair with the director at her community theater and he never got over her.

Do we know anything more about the murder?  No, we still do not.