February 24, 2024

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Altered Carbon “Rage In Heaven”

Season One, Episode Nine.

OK, so, I think I know who did what.  Just as well.  There’s only one episode left after this.

So, it seems Reileen really doesn’t want Kovacs to have, like, anyone else in his life.  That’s a bit weird.  I mean, she’s his sister, and the compulsion isn’t romantic.  You’d think she wouldn’t mind him having a lady friend on the side.  But no, she does, and even tests her brother by showing up in Ortega’s body to see how he reacts.

Yeah, it seems that the small child Oretga went to comfort at the end of the previous episode was, no surprise, Reileen the entire time.  And she has Ortega as a prisoner until Kovacs agrees to come along peacefully.  She has her all-powerful brothel/casino floating above the city, and she probably knows a few things about who (temporarily) killed Bancroft.  And since Kovacs can’t make his crew of various members of the Elliot clan, Oretga’s tech guy at the police station, and Edgar Poe go away, he can use them for his rescue mission.

What that means is twofold:  find Oretga and bring her down from the floating brothel, and set off a device to end Reileen’s personal immortality, as she uses the same system that keeps Bancroft alive that is only available to the super-wealthy.

What does she do up there anyway?  Well, her prostitutes are disposable, and the rich and powerful can have the roughest of rough sex, the kind that ends in murder.  And these women (and presumably men) are all told they will get new sleeves.  They do not.  Vernon, posing as a general, realizing the point of that is to get blackmail material on the rich and powerful.

Reileen also appears to have been working with Miriam Bancroft because Lawrens liked the rough stuff but never went to full murder.  So, they drugged him and when one of the girls he was with realized what was going on, she jumped off the floating pleasure palace and that’s where the mystery body in the morgue came from.

After that, Reileen claims Lawrens killed himself out of guilt over what he did, but he came back without the memory of the horrible thing he’d done.

So, yeah, Kovacs and Vernon do manage to prevent Reileen from downloading her memories again, making her as mortal as everybody else, but then they get captured before they can rescue Ortega, so, well, they got half of their objectives done.