April 19, 2024

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Comic Review: Hellboy Conqueror Worm

Hellboy and his pal Roger the homuncullus fight Nazis and Lovecraftian monsters in this hodgepodge of fun.

I get the feeling sometimes that Mike Mignola’s Hellboy is, more than anything else, what happens when he puts everything he thinks is cool into a blender and see what gets spit back out.

That’s the best explanation I have for Conqueror Worm, though to be fair, it’s still awesome.

Let’s stop to consider what Mignola tossed into this one volume, this one telling a single story.  Besides the usual stuff involving Rasputin and the Baba Yaga hanging out on the sidelines, we have Nazis, cybernetic gorillas, vengeful ghosts, alien secret assassins, floating mad scientist heads, Lovecraftian horror monsters, people devolving into lizard creatures, and a 1940s pulp hero named Lobster Johnson.

Yeah, and it’s just plain cool.

The plot:  Hellboy and his pal Roger the homuncullus are sent to a wrecked castle that was home to a mad science experiment seemingly gone wrong.  It turns out it went more right than people thought, and now a Nazi spaceship is on its way back with…something inside.  Why were Hellboy and Roger sent to investigate?  Because the two of them are the hardest to kill.

Overall, this was just typical Hellboy fun from creator Mike Mignola.  How seriously should anyone take anything like this?  I would guess very little, but there are  a few plot advancements made by the end of the volume, even as Hellboy starts to figure out a destiny for himself that may or may not involve the apocalypse.  Nine out of ten moody moments accentuated by a hawk grabbing and eating a rabbit as the main characters banter.