February 24, 2024

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Altered Carbon “Clash By Night”

Season One, Episode Seven.

So, Kovacs fingered a suspect in the Bancroft murder.

But was it the right one?

Not really.  His sister is batspit crazy evil right now, and a little blackmail goes a long way.  Finger a suspect (Bancroft’s attorney), and move on.  Is she upset about the deaths of the Envoys she betrayed?  Nah.  They weren’t her real family.  Kovacs is her only family, and she wants him to stick around.  That means ditching Ortega.

Kovacs has his own plans, and that starts with getting Vernon’s wife (a brilliant hacker) out of jail.  Sure, she comes back in a male sleeve, but what are you gonna do?  Besides, Edgar Poe’s therapy for Vernon and Ava’s daughter Lizzy is working, even if that therapy seems to require training in various lethal arts and techniques.

I am sure that won’t come in handy later.

But Kovacs pins the crime on the lawyer, but gets the idea that with his team (you know, Poe and the Elliots), he can infiltrate her secret corporate headquarters, a flying casino for the superwealthy.

Meanwhile, Ortega is a bit suspicious when Kovacs blows her off (Ava’s life was being threatened in a nearby alley if he didn’t), and it seems she has a little blood from the mystery ninja woman on her robo-arm.  After getting a co-worker to run a blood test, it leads to a high tech facility where Reileen keeps her spare bodies.  That leads to a series of attacks as Ortega is locked in the room and has to fend off a naked Reileen.  Reileen has a sword, but Ortega has a gun and eventually prevails in killing the body.  And then the next one.  And the next one.  Really, Ortega is lucky Reileen can only use one body at a time.  And even when she looses the gun, she still has that robo-arm.  Point is, she takes out all the bodies in the room.

But that small child in need of comfort in the hallway?  The one Ortega offers comfort to?  Um, that’s another of Reileen’s sleeves…