August 11, 2022

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Vikings “Moments Of Vision”

Season Five, Episode Ten.

Man, I really am starting to hate on Ivar right about now, that little psychopath.

I also really miss Ragnar.

Most of this episode, the mid-season break, takes place on the battlefield as, once again, Harald and Ivar’s forces go to war with Lagertha’s, and, well, the show flashes back and forth between different characters and shows some of them dying.

Anyone important?  Eh, not really.

Halfdan is killed by his brother, but he doesn’t mind because Bjorn showed him real adventure beyond just conquering land.  Heck, he doesn’t even fight back when Harald swings that axe.  I guess that’s big.

I mean, Astrid gets Lagertha to kill her by, again, faking an attack and then not resisting.  That seems to really wreck Lagertha.  Her hair goes white back in Kattegat.

Oh yeah, her side totally loses this time.

Anyone else die?  Bjorn’s new guerrilla wife?  Did she have a name?  She was into bondage.  Her people didn’t do so well this time with the wooded hit-and-runs.

Oh, yeah, Torvi’s son by Jarl Borg. It was a bad day for Bjorn.

Hvitserk doesn’t die.  He once again regrets his decisions.  I think.  Ivar is the new Asshole.  Hvitserk and Ubbe meet up on the battlefield because it is dramatically convenient.  Neither can attack the other.

Say, eyeless seer dude is back!  He says Ubbe will be a king…somewhere else.  And his wife Margrethe is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.  That woman thought a log was a human corpse.  Don’t let her babysit anymore.

But then Ivar sends in the Franks and Lagertha’s people retreat and all seems lost.

That’s where we get those nifty midseason cliffhangers.

That Asshole Floki offers himself as a human sacrifice to fix the violent circle of revenge on his new colony of That Assholia.

Oh, and there’s a ship coming across the fjord toward Kattegat.

Holy crap!  It’s Rollo!

Whose side is he on this time?

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