July 4, 2022

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Gabbing Geek Manga Review: One-Punch Man Volume 1

A bored superhero wants some fun in this humorous manga.

I figured I had to get to One-Punch Man pretty quickly since it’s an image of him in my all-purpose review header picture.

So, what is it?

One-Punch Man is the story of a young man named Saitama.  He’s bored all the time.  He’s bald.  And he’s really, really strong.  How did he get so strong?  Well, the book says he started training one day and just ended up like that.  It’s actually how he lost his hair.  He’s indestructible too from the looks of things.  In what passes for an origin story, we see he defeated a monstrous supervillain at some point and since then decided to train to become a superhero because his life was boring, and he thought it would be fun.

Is being a superhero fun?  Not really.  He’s still bored.  The problem is Saitama is so strong, he literally wins every fight with one punch.  Every villain he comes across, once he throws a single punch, the fight is over.  A dream he has of defending the Earth from subterraneans seems to go happily as their king gives him a good fight, but then he wakes up, hears the real thing, punches out the king, and sees the rest of his minions slink off embarrassed.

This book was genuinely funny.  It may be developing a bit of a plot, especially as Saitama gets a cyborg apprentice he may not really want, but for now, it’s just one bald guy punching everything to paste.  The story comes courtesy of ONE, inventor of the character as a webcomic, with art by Yusuke Murata.  Check this one out.  Nine and a half out of ten destroyed cities.

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