February 29, 2024

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Altered Carbon “Nora Inu”

Season One, Episode Seven.

Since he woke up in a future he doesn’t really know, Takeshi Kovacs has been haunted by two figures from his past:  his sister Reileen “Rei” Kawahara and his ex-commander, ex-love interest Quellcrist Falconer.

Now one of them is back, and it may not be as good as Kovacs might have hoped for.

Last episode, we saw Rei rescue Kovacs from the Fight Dome.  She takes her brother back to her place to heal, claiming she had her first sleeve destroyed but some archaeologist found her stack and cloned her a new body.  That seems to make sense, and much of the episode follows Kovacs as he remembers his previous life with both Rei and Quellcrist.

Here’s what happened: as a child, Kovacs blew out some abusive guy’s stack when said abusive guy was threatening young Rei, and said guy had already killed their mother.  To get himself and Rei out of trouble, young Kovacs agreed to join the Protectorate military so long as Rei was given a loving family.  He was aged up and trained.

Then, years later, on a search-and-destroy mission against the Yakuza, he finds himself face-to-face with Rei.  It seems the “loving family” was the Yakuza and she wasn’t so much given as sold.

Both siblings turn on their respective masters and go on the run.  Eventually they find the Envoys with Quellcrist, whom Kovacs falls for and, it turns out, she was the woman who invented stack technology. And now she wants to set a limit of 100 years on people because otherwise rich people will live forever and, as she sees it, no longer be human.  The Enjoys seem to go for it, with Rei being a little reluctant.

And then, in the “present,” Kovacs wanders around Rei’s place and finds some bodies on ice.  Other sleeves.  Sleeves of people Kovacs has met before.  And he realizes she’s been running into him all along, and she has been lying.

See, the Envoys were mostly taken down by a computer virus forcing most of them to kill each other.  Quellcrist, Rei, and Kovacs survived that, but while Kovacs offered a distraction below for the Protectorate forces, he saw the shuttle containing his sister and lover get vaporized.  But, see…Rei did that.  She had a back-up downloaded somewhere and signaled the Protectorate where Quellcrist was.  Why?  She wanted to live.

Why?  She says she did it for her brother.

This is getting twisted…