April 21, 2024

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MCU Rewatch Issue #18: Black Panther

Between endless Winter Soldier and ranking Killmonger as a villain discussions, I'm not sure we even talked about Black Panther...

The MCU Rewatch has a bit of a different angle this post as the Geeks discuss Black Panther after seeing it on opening weekend.

watson: Pretty good movie. A little different than most solo MCU films. Still has a villain problem as Michael B Jordan was very mediocre.
9 vibranium lexuses out of 10.

jenny: Aaaaahhhhhhh
Just finished.
Yip yip yip yip yip!!!
OMG I want to be a Dora Milaje

watson: Liked it but it would have been behind most of the other superhero films.
Last year…

jonathan:9, and possibly more, out of 10

jenny: We’re seeing it again today at 4pm, so I’ll give my assessment after the 2nd viewing.
Last night I was too excited
Jonathan and I had this conversation around Killmonger, and I personally want to pay more attention to MBJ’s performance.

watson: Prepare to be disappointed. It wasn’t him. He’s a great actor. The character was cliche and thin.

jenny: I have to admit, I was dazzled by the Dora Milaje
I kinda felt the same way!!!

watson: Especially with such other rich characters around him.
Fish in a barrel, Jenny.

jenny: I was trying to explain this to Jonathan last night – he felt more like a generic gangster thug

watson: They were pretty typical foot soldiers.

jenny: The only time I “FELT” his pain, was at the end, when he said let me die like my ancestors, better to die free than live as a slave

watson: I don’t have enough personal basis to know if that was a genuine comment or cliche. I did like the scene with him “seeing” Wakanda but that was more about Boseman for me.

jenny: That’s why I want to pay closer attention to him the 2nd round. I want to see if I missed something. Because after the first viewing, I was like – meh on Killmonger.
Some of the principles he was standing up for – I get. But they kept talking him up – how he was a military master, how he was top of his class smart, how he was ruthless. And honestly, I didn’t really see ANY of that shine through. I think I was expecting a “Heath Ledger” type of performance, where MBJ totally captivated me (based on all the reviews), and he didn’t.

watson: I LOVED M’Baka though. Can’t wait until he is the main villain!

jenny: That whole storyline was awesome.
The minute I saw the white paint, and the tribal mask- I was like – damn. They really did this well.
I didn’t know how they were going to incorporate Man Ape, and shit – that was brilliant.

watson: The first coronation contest between him and T’Challa was amazing

jenny: Right!?

watson: We did talk about it on a podcast we do…

jenny: I also loved the scene with him and Ross. “YOU DO NOT SPEAK HERE”

watson: Martin Freeman was much more likeable in this than in Civil War

Much less of a cliche “government agent”

jenny: Oh man, I liked him in Civil War – it was so brief! How could you really even have time to hate him?
Are you sad that Killmonger & Klaw are dead?
Would you have liked them to keep them alive for future movies?

watson: I didn’t think they were worth keeping around. Killmonger was weak and Klaw would have gotten old even if he’d stayed to the end. I got just enough of him.

jenny: I would have been nice to keep Killmonger around to further deepen his character. Klaw, I didn’t really care about.

watson: If they had done a better job with him in the two hours he was there, I might agree. But lack of screen time wasn’t his problem. He was a villain as memorable as the one from the third Lethal Weapon movie or fourth Die Hard flick…

jenny: Jonathan is on the opposite side of the spectrum. He loved him.

watson: Jonathan is a bad person…

jenny: We all are…
Also – I’m just going to listen to Casino Brawl all day (from the original score) and pretend I’m a Dora Milaje!!!! HOLY FUCK I LOVE THOSE YIPS!!!!
Can we also please talk about how FUCKING AWESOME the Vibranium Rino tanks were?

watson: They were. They were awesome.

The post-credit scenes were somewhat meh. The UN scene seemed very “I am Iron Man!” rehash and the big REVEAL of Bucky was the least shocking thing in the world. Question: would you rather have MEH post-credits or no post-credits at all?

jonathan: The Bucky thing was setting up a new storyline for him. He’s no longer Winter Soldier. He’s White Wolf.

I’m fine with Meh post-credits scene as long as it’s at least a story point. I’d rather not stick around in the theater for 5-10 more minutes for a site gag like the ones in GotG2

jenny: ^ same

I love that they are going in a new direction with Bucky! I think the White Wolf is exciting (well, the prospect of it)

watson: You guys don’t really think that’s his new codename do you?

jenny: I don’t know – maaaaaaybe.

jonathan: It’s a storyline from the comics. It was a different character, but it makes sense to use Bucky in that role for the movies. In the comics, he was a white boy whose parents died when they crash landed in wakanda, but he survived. He was taken in by T’Chaka and raised as T’Challa’s adopted brother.

Since Shuri is curing his mind to undo the brainwashing, and giving him a new arm, I could see Bucky staying in Wakanda as T’Challa’s new right-hand man.

jenny: I kind of love that idea. What that also means is that it takes him out of the running to “replace” Captain America – which would mean Sam Wilson would step in… which seems to be the right fit, since he’s been by Cap’s side since he went rogue.

watson: In the Infinity War trailer he looks like Winter Soldier to me…

jenny: Is what we’re seeing a head fake though?

watson: No.

jenny: Well that settles that. Moving on….

jimmy: But they didn’t move on. But went on and on and on about Winter Soldier. So much so, that it became its own article.

The Geeks Debate The Importance of Bucky in the MCU (Spoilers)

But then Tom showed up and pleaded for some kinda sanity and to get back to talking about Black Panther…

jenny: Ryan!!!!! I want to hear your BP thoughts.

ryan: That was awesome.
Reading through the chat I’m not understanding the Killlmonger hatred. Solid background story, amazing performance, believable motivation.
Hell, he even makes good points and delivers one of the greatest final lines ever.
The story was solid, although I’m not sure the retcon works for Age of Ultron. Why were there Wakandan humanitarian workers outside Wakanda if the country was completely isolated? I get that it messed with the story they wanted to tell here, just unfortunate.

watson: I wouldn’t describe Killmonger reaction as hate. I don’t think we care enough about him to hate him.

ryan: Replace hate with indifference then. I thought he was a great, smart villain.

watson: I thought he was less memorable than Yellowjacket.

jenny: I agree with the most powerful late scene for him.
That resonated with me. I felt his pain then.
I’m seeing it again this morning, and I’m going to pay closer attention to MBJ, and see if the nuances were lost on me the first time around.

watson: A good line tacked onto to a mediocre character doesn’t move the needle for me.

tomk: Anyhoo, as far as villains go, Killmonger may not be the most interesting, but he had the most interesting motivation since Loki in the first Thor. He isn’t wrong about a lot of things, but he’s too hot-headed to do anything in a gentle manner like T’Challa presumably will. He only knows war and pain.

As for post-credits, well, the Drafthouse had a special one I really liked.

watson: What rang hollow for me is that he had such a deep motivation but he was flippant, shallow, and didn’t seem to care about anyone so it seems hard to believe he had the depth to want to help them elsewhere.

tomk: Perhaps that was a sign of his corruption by the outside world where the spirituality of Wakanda never helped him understand his people’s place in the world. He was made shallow by his experiences, and he only understood force.

watson: Or mediocre writing. One or the other.

tomk: Well, I want to complain about the mediocrity of this Black Panther chat since so much of it was about the importance of the Winter Soldier. Regardless of how important Bucky is to the MCU, he’s irrelevant to Black Panther.

jenny: Haha, truth.

watson: Tomk IS the world’s foremost expert on mediocre Marvel chats, so there’s probably some truth to what he’s saying.

tomk: I’m just saying that you guys had way more to say about a thirty second Winter Soldier appearance than you did for most of the actual Black Panther movie.
Is there a reason you preferred to discuss the white man in a Black Panther movie?

watson: We agreed on everything else.

tomk: But Jimmy should show up any time today.
Plus, this was easily the most political movie the MCU has ever done.

watson: Yes, but we Gabbing Geeks are all liberal hippy douches (I was the least liberal, so I had to grow a beard to up the douche quality). We all agreed the politics were important and agreed. It is hard to chat about a subject where you agree on everything except the quality of the villain and the importance of Bucky.

Otherwise, the chats are like this.

tomk: How about the role of monarchy in fiction?
That’s relevant to me because my student papers for the weekend were about who should have ruled England during the Wars of the Roses.

watson: We never saw how much power T’challa had. His might have been a parliamentary system with Monarchy as head of state. The tribal chiefs seemed to have a lot of power and didn’t really fear speaking up.
Killmonger obviously ruled differently, but fortunately the Deep State stopped him too…

tomk: True, but T’challa listening to advisers before making a final decision shows a king who wasn’t too arrogant in regards to his own intelligence and he does overrule a bunch of them when he accepts Killmonger’s challenge. He listened to the people as a good king should and didn’t automatically decide he knew best.

But you want to talk Killmonger? Killmonger’s trip to the other side showed the apartment his father was killed in and he spends half of it looking like a small child. He never outgrew that moment of violence, and his father expresses regret. T’Challa sees a serene plain, and his father (the first time) offers wisdom and peace. A good deal of African American writing and art, especially from men, is about the importance of fathers, and T’Challa actually had one. T’Challa also knew where all of his ancestors came from. Killmonger can’t claim that, and he’s angry. Look how he continually refers to white people as “colonizers”. He is offering an at-best half-understood history of black people across the globe to justify his actions while knowing next to nothing about Wakanda itself aside from he came from there and they have vibranium. Killmonger lashes out because it’s all he knows. He talks about injustice and incarceration and he isn’t wrong, but his solutions are revenge-based, as is his whole reason for going to Wakanda in the first place. T’Challa didn’t do anything to wrong him. Arguably Zuri did, and Zuri paid the price, but that wasn’t enough. Killmonger is the flip side of T’challa. He’s every bit as brilliant considering he graduated from the Naval Academy at 19 (which is probably against the rules for that institution, but never mind) and then did grad work at MIT. And as Ross points out, Killmonger’s techniques aren’t even original to Africa. He learned those from the CIA. For someone who keeps saying “colonizer,” he’s acting exactly like one.
And I missed most of that chat, so I need to make up for lost time. A wise man recently said I of all people am the world’s foremost expert on mediocre Marvel chats.

Watson had a better weekend than most Sand Snakes.

ryan: One of the best lines in the movie was when T’Challa’s dad says he is a good man and “It is hard for a good man to be king.” Then we see that play out as the duty to keep Wakanda safe and hidden conflicts with helping friends or other people.
Also, was Freeman’s jet pursuit ultimately useless ala Raiders of the Lost Ark? If he hadn’t been there and the shuttles made it out of Wakanda, couldn’t T’Challa just bring them back when he won a few minutes later? They weren’t speedy transports.

tomk: The white man was useless in a black man’s struggles? Is that what you’re saying?

ryan: No what I’m saying is Kill Whitey. But in terms of the movie, that was a bit less tense than necessary.

tomk: These guys were probably not inclined to listen to a rightful king during a power struggle. It may have been more necessary than you think.

watson: What does the huge success of Black Panther do for the future of the MCU? Will he be the unlikely headliner of the post-RDJ era? Could an Avengers film with him, Dr Strange, Capt Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp, and (fill in third stringers), work?

Rewatching some GoT. Wouldn’t the guy who played Dickon Tarley be an interesting replacement for either Thor or Cap?

tomk: Jimmy wouldn’t know.

watson: Tom Hopper.
I have never seen Gone With the Wind but I know who was in it…

tomk: I think that’s like saying someone who is a deeper cut into the cast than Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, Olivia DeHavilland, Butterfly McQueen, or Leslie Howard.

watson: Yes. I could look up the cast list for those.

tomk: I didn’t look those up.

watson: For the deeper cuts.

tomk: Neither the actor nor the character name would mean anything to Jimmy.
We’re stuck in Dorne with Sand Snakes at the moment.

watson: Exactly. If he is interested, he can check out what the guy looks like at www.google.com.

tomk: General appearance isn’t enough if he has a high-pitched voice or can’t act. I could toss your pic on Goggle but that doesn’t mean you should be the next Star-Lord.

watson: Ok. Then I guess I don’t care if Jimmy likes him…

tomk: Nothing new there.

jimmy: I really dug Black Panther until it became the Michael B Jordan show, then I was kinda bored.

watson: Good man, Jimmy. I did care about THAT! 🙂

ryan: Yes, Jimmy, you must be proud that you align with I-hate-everything-even-50%-of-my-kids Watson.
Sheesh. People complain the marvel villains aren’t compelling enough and then we get a solid villain and people be all “bah it shouldn’t be about him”

jimmy: My feelings about MBJ have been substantiated by the fact Ryan feels the exact opposite. My work here is done.

watson: No one else has conceded he was solid…

ryan: Only you and Jimmy didn’t like him.

watson: Jenny didn’t.
Jonathan seemed indifferent.
Tom’s posts were too long so I don’t know how he feels…

tomk: If I interspersed Waston’s name into my posts every five words, then he’d know.

jimmy: Tom what was this super secret extra end credits scene at the Alamo that I’ve seen several references to since I’ve come out of Internet hibernation?

tomk: OK, if you go to the Alamo, they sometimes get the stars of the movie to give their “Don’t talk or text during the movie” message.
Anyway, for BP, they got Chadwick Boseman staring at the audience when one of his female co-stars (Lupita or T’Challa’s sister…I don’t remember which) comes out and asks what he’s doing.
Boseman says he’s watching the audience to make sure they don’t talk or text.
She says he can’t do that during the whole movie. He says he can. Bit ends with the message from the Drafthouse.
Then after the movie, Boseman pops back on to say, “I’m still watching!”
Whole theater broke out laughing when that happened.

ryan: Not going to try and convince you that MBJ killed it. Just feel bad for you because given the critical and commercial success of this movie (and I’ve yet to read a review that didn’t love MBJ) you’re going to see a lot more villains like this in the future.

tomk: Yes, you should just always agree with the majority of people. Criticism is like democracy.

jimmy: MBJ was fine from an acting standpoint, he just seemed like Generic Angry Villain #7.

watson: A successful Marvel film with a mediocre villain. Yes. That will be new.

jimmy: How much did BP make anyway?

tomk: It made Star Wars money.
Not the profits. The actual currency.
That’s a lot of Republic credits.

jimmy: I really did not expect a sarcastic answer from Tom…

tomk: Oh, I am suuuuure you didn’t.

ryan: A villain with actual motivation, a backstory that made sense, a desire not just for personal power, and who ends up actually making some good points and partially changing the mind of the hero on his central conflict. I get that you didn’t personally connect with the story, but this isn’t a mediocre villain.

watson: I don’t agree that he had any of those things. I thought he should have been fighting Liam Neeson.
[liam neeson image]

jonathan: #AllTheMonies

‘Black Panther’ Goes Wild: At $242M Superhero Owns 2nd Best 4-Day Opening & Defeats ‘Last Jedi’ – Update

ryan: All there. All in the script. All mentioned by other characters. And in all the reviews I’ve seen. Like I said, I get that you didn’t connect with the story, but otherwise you can just say any villain is mediocre while ignoring what’s actually in the film. Joker? Just a mediocre crazy guy. Hannibal? Mediocre psychopath.

tomk: I suppose I could be the person who asks how it measures up to Wonder Woman in terms of BO, but then I remembered I don’t really care.

jonathan: I’ll just drop this (not tits) in here:

One of my friends at work, who grew up in inner city Chicago, said that Killmonger was the most authentic antagonist he’d ever seen in a comic/sci-fi/fantasy movie

ryan: It will probably surpass WW.

tomk: Jonathan is dropping tits?

Does Jenny know?

jenny: He’s using mine on loan – proceed as normal

jonathan: Eric’s whole life was about fighting to end the oppression of black people. There was a strong King/X feel to his stance against T’Challa’s.

ryan: I think he may have been the first villain who wasn’t out primarily to just empower themselves.

He didn’t make others swear fealty when he was proclaimed king, he just wanted to send out weapons.

jonathan: He also fought his way out of the hood after his father was murdered. That is very inspirational to a lot of less fortunate people.

He didn’t crumble and become another casualty of the system. There is nobility in his actions, even if they’re pointed in the wrong direction.

ryan: Yeah. It was too much to hope for, but some more debates between Killmonger and T’Challa would’ve been interesting.

jonathan: He’s also the single, one and only mcu villain who actually instigated change in the hero. T’challa was moved by his enemy to be a better, more active king. He even chose Oakland for the first outreach center to honor his uncle and cousin’s legacy.

Never allow another to face what drove Eric to his eventual demise.

jenny: You could argue that both Eric and Nakia had influence on that – but I would agree with you – T’Challa wanted to make a statement that he wasn’t going to forget what happened in Oakland and what his Father overlooked and try to cover up.

jonathan: Everyone influenced him. That’s what his father encouraged him to do.

He learned from Okoye that you have to do things that are hard because they’re what you are committed to stand for

jenny: Man I love Okoye.

I’d put her on the #Jenny30 but I have too much respect for her.

Ryan: I’m with you on wanting more dialog between Killmonger and T’Challa – really more anything with Killmonger in general. I thought his time in the movie was too short.

jimmy: That’s crazy money for Black Panther.

tomk: But not crazy for Okoye.
She doesn’t see much of that money.

watson: I wonder if the leads get gross points?

ryan: Marvel/Disney? I doubt it.

watson: Honestly, I think if they do, the first $200m should be exempt. Jimmy could play Captain America and the film would get close to $200m
You only get points over 200-250 m.

jenny: This is interesting:


ryan: Yup, I thought that as well (in terms of the first villain you could potentially cheer for). You can’t fully after he killed his girlfriend, but otherwise he’s relatable and a solid story. I didn’t like Avengers as much as everyone else so I haven’t rewatched–as a result I can’t remember what Loki’s motivation was besides being Loki.

watson: Did your opinion change after a second viewing, Jenny?

From the article, I find this passage accurate, but I think it highlights why he is a WEAKER character as opposed to more compelling:
“Much as we come to care about Killmonger, Black Panther never lets us forget he’s a villain. A particularly charming, tragic villain, perhaps, but he’s still the guy who brags about the hundreds of people he’s killed, who poisons a museum historian and shoots his own girlfriend, who’s eager to slaughter anyone who stands in the way of the new world order that he’s imagined.

By the time he’s sitting on the throne and barking that “the sun will never set on the Wakandan empire,” echoing the words of white colonizers throughout history, it’s clear he’s become the very monster he claims to hate.”

There felt like there was a lot of studio meddling to take Coogler’s original vision and make it more action movie, black and white (no pun intended)

PS- Ryan made me apologize for the Yellowjacket trolling comparison… 🙂

jenny: My view did change Watson. I paid more attention to the nuances to his emotional connection and fury.

watson: Where does he rank now?

jenny: I think after a 2nd viewing I noticed a lot more depth that was lost on me the first time.

watson: Approximately?

jenny: Let me think on that for a bit.

I need to list out the MCU villains first.
Red Skull
Ironman 1 Stain dude
Hulk (don’t care about his villains)
Winter Soldier
Baron Von Zimo
Yellow Jacket
Dormamu/and that other dude

Who else am I missing – I’m drawing a blank.

ryan: HYDRA

jenny: Vulture… yes. good one.

ryan: You also forgot Hela, but she’s pretty forgettable. 😉

jenny: HELA
How can I forget?

watson: I think Killmonger is clustered with a lot of other MCU villains. He wasn’t bad to me. Just mediocre

jonathan: Killmonger is behind only Loki for me. And that’s only because Loki has gotten to continue screwing with Thor for 4 movies now.
Bucky is third

jenny: I’m having a hard time ranking these because I’m trying to decide what makes a great villain. Is it pure evil? Is it the cause they fight for? Is it both?

jonathan: Then Ego, then Hela, then all the rest clumped together as one shit sandwich

jenny: Like Red Skull is a great villain, but he is pure evil. He doesn’t have depth like Loki

jonathan: scratch that, Ego, then Vulture, then Hela, then the rest.

jenny: And I love Hela in that same vein, but again – pure evil.
Does complicate villain mean “best” villain? I’m still trying to decide.

jonathan: At least her path makes sense
Hela was locked away because her dad changed his mind. She wants freedom and to go back to what she used to do as the Goddess of Death. It’s in her job description.

tomk: She’s the Goddess of Death, not the Goddess of Murder. Someone needs to explain how words work to some people.

jonathan: Ego makes sense because he’s a Celestial and has no reason to care for the feelings of mortals.

jenny: I think Killmonger, Vulture, and Bucky stand on their own (their own class), they are more relatable because they are human, and more complicated by their motives. While the others are more super natural villains.

tomk: And his name is Ego. He has to self-centered.
Wasn’t Bucky’s motive “I am brainwashed and must kill.”

jonathan: Vulture was really solid because he’s just a guy taking care of his family until Spider-Man decides he has to stop

jenny: Yeah, totally.
Vulture and Killmonger are definitely in the same class.
Then Bucky, because he was fighting the brainwashing.

jonathan: Killmonger has the added weight of thousands of years of oppression on his race that he feels a need to overturn

tomk: Doesn’t fighting the brainwashing mean he isn’t really a villain and it was really Robert Redford?

jonathan: True, Redford is the real villain in that story

tomk: Him and Garry Shandling.

jenny: Hail Hydra

tomk: I mean him, Garry Shandling, and Jenny.

jenny: Okay so I didn’t care for the RR character.

tomk: Somewhere, Jenny’s mother looks at her own list, the #Jenny’sMom30, and sadly shakes her head.

watson: I’m going to put mine in tiers instead of hard ranking them:
Compelling Villain (a truly impressive character/performance)
Nice Villain (a good job but not quite an all time)
Middling Villain (got the job done but was a definite B-lister)
Forgettable or Bad (actually hurt the film)

jenny: (Side note Tom: My brother Robert is named after RR because of my mom’s love for RR)

tomk: (I hate it when I am that right, but somehow I am not surprised.)

Red Skull
And yadda Yadda
Yeah – so Killmonger makes my top 5 for sure (using Watson’s tiers…or tears, however you want to look at it)

ryan: Yeah, the worst villain is one where you could swap that villain out with anyone else and have essentially the same movie. Like Iron Man 2. Jenny, I know you like it, but replace Whiplash with anyone else and it’s the same movie. Heck, Tony’s radiation poisoning is a more dire villain than Whiplash.

watson: Here is my list in tiers. Within the tiers, no ranking (alphabetical order):
Compelling/Strong Aspect of Film
Winter Soldier

Arnim Zola
Iron Monger/ Obediah Stane
Red Skull

Middling/Little Impact
Aldrich Killian
Alexander Pierce
Ayesha (The Sovereign)
Baltroc the Leaper
Baron von Strucker
Justin Hammer
Kaecilius (Strange)
Korath the Pursuer (Who?!?)
Laufey the Frost Giant

Bad/Hurt the Film
Baron Von Zemo
Yellow Jacket
Most are in the middling/little impact bucket. As is Killmonger for me

jenny: This is fascinating!

tomk: If you insist.

watson: Disagree with any of the Bad/Hurt the film choices?
The interesting/enjoyable generally had a few fun moments but weren’t a carry the film character.

tomk: I’m not sure Zeno hurt the film since he was ultimately negligible.

watson: His plot is so clunky I fast forward through his scenes.
Ryan spoiled me on him with his take down of him.

tomk: Dammit, Ryan!

watson: Though I do love me some “Mission Report. December 16th, 1991”

jonathan: If you have Arnim Zola as more interesting or important than Killmonger, I feel like we are watching completely different films.

tomk: And the twist is…you did!

watson: I love Zola but that is a quirky choice. Most of the second tier could be in someone’s middling class.
I think he is more interesting than Killmonger because is actually interesting. :-p

And I am thinking Zola as more of the Winter Soldier machine version.

tomk: My understanding by then is Zola was more machine now than man, twisted and evil.

watson: All of my tier 2 guys could fall into the third tier but only Iron Monger was in consideration to move up. Mostly because Bridges is Bridges.
Also, I put Winter Soldier in the top category partially to troll Jenny.



Two kids dress as ‘tall man’ to see ‘Black Panther’
The disguise, which resembled someone noticeably taller than anyone else in line, garnered laughs and attention from bystanders.

tomk: Maybe they’re just big Bojack Horseman fans.

ryan: Yeah, it was awesome. I rarely retweet stuff but even I retweeted that.

ryan: Friend of Jimmy and mine sent this today. I laughed.

watson: Awesome!
He LOVED Killmonger!

tomk: Or he loved that rhino guy.

ryan: He thought Killmonger was mediocre only because he was twice as good as the other villains and not ten times as good.

watson: Ten times zero is still zero. Marvel Villain Problem.

tomk: Man, just when I thought the Last Jedi debate was over, it just switched to a new topic.

watson: I’m hating on him way more than I thought about his performance deserves.
Because THAT is how you troll!

tomk: I just post Shazam gifs.

tomk: His jacket isn’t very yellow. What a misnomer.

watson: The way they broke up Killmonger made me VERY uncomfortable…

tomk: He’s not even wearing a jacket.


jimmy: To clue this up, let me put the scores into the Calcutron-2024 and see our final rewatch results…

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 10.0
Thor: Ragnorak 9.6
Iron Man 9.4
Guardians Of The Galaxy 9.4
The Avengers 9.3
Black Panther 9.3
Spider-Man: Homecoming 9.0
Captain America: Civil War 8.9
Captain America: The First Avenger 8.7
Thor 8.0
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 7.8
Ant-Man 2 7.8
Avengers: Age of Ultron 7.6
Doctor Strange 7.4
The Incredible Hulk 6.7
Iron Man 2 6.6
Iron Man 3 6.6
Thor: The Dark World 6.6

MCU overall 8.3
Phase 1 8.1
Phase 2 8.0
Phase 3 8.6

If you’ve been watching along with our posts (and not a week early Ryan) you’re all prepared now to catch Avengers: Infinity War…TODAY!!! And stay tuned to Gabbing Geek as I’m sure there will be several reviews of the film and maybe a chat or podcast about it.  So if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go into internet hibernation because I’m not seeing it until Saturday…

Make Mine Marvel

‘Nuff said.