July 22, 2024

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Comic Review: Revival Volume 3

The dead who didn't stay dead in a small Wisconsin town are revealing a bit more of what makes them tick as this Image series continues.

The Image series Revival featured a group of people who returned to life after they all died around the same time, with the central mystery being who murdered one of the revived, college girl Em Cypress, a case being investigated unofficially by her cop sister Dana.

Volume three, subtitled A Faraway Place, offers some answers.

Revival has long had these ghost-like beings running around in the background, and this volume finally more or less explains what they are.  They apparently are the souls of the Revived, and they aren’t indestructible.  Reuniting a spirit with the Revived causes the two to merge, burn to cinders, and the deceased presumably moves on.  There are other ways for the Revived to do that, but many of the Revived didn’t come back quite right, and more than a few want to move on.  That includes the youngest of the bunch, a seven year old girl.

Of course there was going to be a creepy girl.

As it is, a new mystery Revived appears, Em’s past with her professor is more or less confirmed, and Em works to keep the little girl alive no matter how much said girl doesn’t want to stay alive.  Meanwhile, Dana finds a storage bin full of human teeth.

Writer Tim Seeley and artist Mike Norton have a good, creepy thing going here.  While we know more about what’s going on, we still don’t know a few other things, like why the town was infested with heavy water, and then there’s the stuff we do know, like how the ultra-rigthwing white supremacist might be getting some converts inside the quarantined town.  I’m digging this series, but I’m not sure how much I can say without giving too much away.  Let’s say eight and a half out of ten memory-stealing kisses.