February 21, 2024

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Altered Carbon “Man With My Face”

Season One, Episode Six.

So, did Ortega die or what?

Nah, she’s fine.

Sure, she was badly hurt, but having the Bancrofts paying expenses means Kovacs can take her to the finest hospital. and then get her the finest replacement for her badly damaged arm.  She’s unconscious, so she can’t exactly object.

Meanwhile, the ghost guy took the Russian guy to meet another rich guy.  Russian guy is upset Kovacs (or, more accurately, Edgar Poe) killed his brother.  Russian guy manages to get away from these two, and he won’t stop until he gets back to Kovacs.

So, as Ortega recovers, Vernon and Kovacs take Issac to see his parents as Issac seems to be the best suspect for the man who killed his father.  He isn’t.  He just wanted to get his old man’s respect.  That…might actually work.

The Bancrofts are really weird.

As it is, Ortega wakes up soon and she’s kinda pissed, but she does dig how much stronger her new arm is.

Then the Russian guy captures them and takes them to the Murder Dome.  What does Russian want?  A life for a life.  He tosses Kovacs and Ortega into the pit, and he, well, he got that cloned version of Kovacs’ original body.  Some monster mooks are taken out fairly quickly, but the pair have to work together to take Russian guy out…for good.  That Envoy body is only so good against the real thing and a cop with a really, really strong arm.

But then the most mysterious part comes into play as a cloaked woman ninjas her way through lots of guards, even knocking out Ortega.  Who is she?

Um…looks like Kovacs’ long lost sister.