June 5, 2023

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YouTube Selection: Ryan Hollinger’s “Tyler Sheridan And The Art Of The Frontier Trilogy”

YouTube essayist Ryan Hollinger looks at the thematic trilogy of writer/director Tyler Sheridan and how it reflects the American frontier in the 21st century.

Writer/director Tyler Sheridan wrote three movies, directing the last one, that were meant to explore the American frontier in the modern age.  I’ve seen and enjoyed all three.  Sicario I only saw recently but it was worth it and a sequel is coming this summer.  Hell or High Water made my 2016 Top Ten List.  Wind River probably would have made my 2017 list if I made it a top 20 instead of a top 10.

Sheridan considers these movies a trilogy even though each is a standalone film, with no connections aside from the themes of the individual movies.  YouTube essayist Ryan Hollinger looked into the connections and what they have to say.

Essentiually, Hollinger looks into these movies as modern-set Westerns, movies where nature and lawlessness are the rule, and violence may not be a real solution, but it does occur quite a bit.  Seen the movies?  If so, check out the video below.  It does have spoilers for all three.

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