June 16, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror XXVI”

In which we get a second Halloween episode, this one the usual anthology.

Well, after what would be on any other show a traditional Halloween episode, we get what is for The Simpsons a traditional Halloween show, and it also features a return of Kelsey Grammer’s Sideshow Bob.

But first, there was this from animator John Kricfalusi:

But let’s get to the main event:  Sideshow Bob successfully kills Bart!  And then he manages to put off Homer, which is easy when Homer’s next and only other suspect is himself.  It truly is a good time for Bob, who finally achieved his goal of the past twenty-three years and killed a ten year old boy.

Wait, there’s something wrong with that math…

At any rate, Bob’s job as a literature professor at the local college doesn’t go so well, and he misses have a Bart to kill, so he swipes from the different departments at the college–including the Dark Arts building–and builds a machine to bring Bart back from the death hale and healthy and whole.  And then he kills Bart again.  He kills Bart a lot.  Fortunately, the other Simpsons show up and bash Bob over the head with a lamp.  The lamp breaks, but Lisa just uses the machine to put the lamp back together and hit Bob again.  That leads to Bob’s death and dismemberment, but Bart was taking care of the dog rather well, so he gets to put Bob back together.  Which he does…with a bunch of assorted parts including a chicken body.

So, now Bob lays eggs and still keeps his professor’s job.

So, that was a highlight.  What was left?

Homer as Godzilla?  It was mostly done before, but this time it ended with American producers botching a remake, so there’s that.

And then there was something out of Chronicle when Lisa and Milhouse gained mental powers from radioactive ooze (Bart got nothing), and Milhouse went mad with power until Maggie stepped in.  Or something.

Oh, hey, there’s Kang and Kodos.

And we’re done another Halloween.  I miss Sideshow Bob already…