June 2, 2023

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Simpsons Did It!: “Halloween Of Horror”

In which we get a Halloween episode that isn't the usual anthology.

What the hell?  We got a Halloween episode that isn’t the annual anthology?

I mean, Ned asks Homer about it, and Homer says that’s next week.

Yes, it seems it’s time for Homer to set up “Everscream Terror” like he apparently does every year, but this year is special.  See, Lisa is finally old enough to go to Krusty’s Krustyland Halloween Horror Night.  That sounds fun, but first Homer needs to get some new skeletons to dance around his yard, that means stopping by a Halloween store run by Apu, or as he is being called now “A-boo”.  He’s selling Halloween stuff, and he has some employees who wander around from season to season as scroungers.  Those guys offer Homer a nice deal–in cash–of buy one skeleton musicians and get three for free as long he doesn’t tell Senor Squishie.  Homer doesn’t realize that’s Apu and tells Apu, getting the trio fired, two of whom are voiced by guest stars Blake Anderson and Nick Kroll.  The third guy?  He’s unworthy.

Once outside, the three guys tell Homer he’s going to be sorry.  Homer already feels sorry.  Don’t tell him how to feel.

But then bad things happen when Lisa gets to the Halloween Horror Night and it freaks her out.  Homer offers to hold her hand to see things she knows isn’t real, but then they get separated in a crowd of zombies and Lisa gets so scared she shuts down.  Then the park shuts down to let a crybaby out.

As it is, Lisa can’t handle anything Halloween related anymore, so Homer has to take Everscream Terror down.  That would ruin Bart’s Halloween, but Marge offers to take him (and Maggie) out to a fancy party in a rich part of town.  That goes poorly because they don’t live there, but Homer stays home with Lisa and tries to shield her from scary stuff.  And then the three guys show up and scare Homer.  He and Lisa end up hiding in the attic.

And then to make matters worse, Marge has Bart out too late and “adult Halloween” starts with the sexy costumes.  Or maybe that’s “sexy?” costumes considering which Springfield adults are wearing them.  But it’s time for suggestive costumes and heavy drinking.  Time to get Bart home!

And that’s when Homer confesses to Lisa that the guys aren’t fake.  And Lisa’s the smart one, so she needs to figure out a plan.  And she does!  Everscream Terrace could be used to call for help, along with all the other holiday decorations that the Simpsons have in the attic.  The guys downstairs hear Homer and Lisa, and Homer just manages to jury rig fireworks and Christmas lights to call for aid.  All he needs is something to light it.  Lisa offers up…Tailee.

What is Tailee?  It’s her old security blanket, the tail off a toy raccoon.  It will burn just fine in high winds and summon the entire town.  And though Chief Wiggum does arrest the three men, he also knows someone with a 99 cent store who will hire them later, and that’s year round work.

So, Lisa is fixed, Everscream Terrace is back to the delight of Bart, the guys get jobs, and even Kang and Kodos show up…or more like Lenny and Carl in alien costumes.

But lest you think nothing creepy would happen, Maggie found Tailee’s burned remains…and it fixed itself…

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