February 27, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Puffless”

In which Patty and Selma try to give up smoking.

Well, it seems it may be time for another longtime Simpsons supporting character or two to give up a longstanding vice.

Or not.

It’s Grandma Bouvier’s 80th birthday, and the whole family goes to see her.  That includes Abe Simpson, who offers her a handpicked bouquet of flowers.  That’s romantic until he gets hit with the one thing he has no answer for–competition–when Mr. Burns shows up with an expensive gift in the form of live music from guest star Yo-Yo Ma.  Burns doesn’t even want Mrs. Bouvier’s affections.  He just wants to make sure Grampa doesn’t have them.

Hold on…Grampa and Mr. Burns?  Fighting over Grandma Bouvier?  That sounds familiar…

So while Burns leaves and Ma stays, Patty and Selma bust out the slides from their childhood, and those are for looking at, not reminiscing.  But then Lisa asks an important question:  what killed Grandpa Bouvier?  No one seems to know.  Not Marge or her sisters.  As it is, Grandma confesses that it was embarrassing at the time because he died of lung cancer.

At that, the twins vow to give up smoking and set out to burn their entire supply of cigarettes.  That burns down their mother’s house.  Oops.

Now, problems erupt when Patty stays clean and Selma doesn’t, so Patty moves into the Simpson house, leading to Homer accidentally stepping into the shower with her and his solution of pouring bleach into his eyes.  And then into Bart’s before the boy sees his aunt in a towel.  Bart thanks him for it.  Heck, Patty even confesses that the only reason she’s mean to Homer is out of jealousy, as she and Selma only had each other and now they don’t even have that.  Selma, meanwhile, starts calling up ex-husbands (mostly Disco Stu) and talking to her cigarettes which sound an awful lot like Jon Lovitz before she too finally gives up smoking.

But it turns out that when two women who give up smoking can suddenly breathe better, that means they smell just how bad an apartment keeping two middle aged women, a baby (Ling) and an iguana (Jub-Jub) can smell, so both twins start smoking again and a montage tells us they never quit again.

That wasn’t much, but there was a rare Maggie Simpson subplot.  Maggie befriended a squirrel and then other animals in the area, including Duffman’s parrot, but when Cletus takes her possom friend home for dinner, it is up to Maggie to rally the others and save the day with the help of an unexpected guest star.


Admit it, you never expected to see Plopper again.