June 22, 2024

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Deadwood “Amateur Night”

Season Three, Episode Nine.

Are things in Deadwood bad?

Well, Bullock is teaching Martha the combination for the safe in the hardware store, just in case.

Yeah, Hearst brought in a bunch of Pinkertons, and while there may be joy in camp when Langrishe puts on an Amateur Night, there’s doom hanging in the air.

That means the Earps aren’t staying long.  Their timber claim was no good, and Morgan shot a Pinkerton in the leg who was harassing him.  Wyatt is more circumspect, and Bullock arrests…the head Pinkerton.  Seeing as how that guy, under Hearst’s orders, beat up Merrick for publishing that letter of condolences, I have no problem with that.  That Bullock dragged him off by the ear the same way he did Hearst before was a nice touch.  The Earps leave town, at least on friendly terms with the sheriff.

Likewise, Al has some ideas.  Wu, after some problems with the translation, has 150 men nearby.  The camp might need them since Hearst is working with the returning Jarry to stuff the ballot box with lots of people loyal to Hearst suddenly coming to camp for the upcoming election.

Yeah, Hearst needs some comeuppance.