April 1, 2023

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Godless “Dear Roy…”

Episode Six.

There’s been a side character in Godless, a woman who has been seen riding through the town of La Belle, often naked, that was the subject of many a rumor throughout the town.

This episode reveals a few things:  she’s a runaway from her husband, German, and an artist.  It seems the whole “naked all the time” thing has something to do with keeping paint off her clothes.  Some Pinkerton detective comes looking for her, but he’s smitten with her, so while she easily shoots him, she also tends him afterwards.

It’s weird, but maybe relevant.  Maybe.

This episode looks to be the shortest in the mini-series, headed into the extra long finale I’ll have written up for next week.  But this week we get a lot of flashbacks, like the women of La Belle walking with their men off to the mines that includes Mary Agnes wearing a dress.  But most of the flashbacks are Roy’s.  We see what finally drove him away from the Griffin gang, and it was Frank recruiting a pair of brothers who obviously had murdered their family.  Yeah, they claimed otherwise, but everyone saw it wasn’t an Indian attack.

Also a factor:  Roy got that letter from his brother when he gave Sister Lucy some of his ill-gotten gains.  She thinks he got it legitimately.  How sad.

But in the present, we’re headed for the end of things.  Roy and Alice have sex, and then he rides off.  He’s finished his brother’s letter and left it behind.  Jim Goode did good by marrying and realizing there was more to life than money.  He’s got a spot open for Roy if he ever gets out that way.

Meanwhile, Bill McNue is coming home from the looks of things.

That may be a good thing, since that lousy newspaperman A.T. Grigg put Roy’s location in his newspaper, and now Frank is riding for La Belle with his gang…

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