August 14, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Mathlete’s Feat”

In which Springfield Elementary becomes a Waldorf School.

Here we are, at the end of season twenty-six, and I am left in a quandary.  No, not the expected one where I wonder why I am still doing this.  That keeps me up at nights, but this is something else.

See, as I type this, there are only two full seasons currently out, with an additional one coming out as new episodes air.

So, since I do this almost daily, what happens when I run out of episodes?  Do I switch this to a weekly-as-appropriate feature?  Cut it entirely?  Give it to Jimmy?  I don’t know yet.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, we have a season finale that opens with a pair of guest stars…

And then ends with the Simpsons, for some reason, forming a jug band.

In between there, we see the Math Team of Springfield Elementary going into a contest with Waverly Hills Elementary, the rich school that can afford Michael Bay to make a promo video (not a guest voice).  And though Lisa promises a surprise, the surprise is Springfield Elementary doesn’t even score a point.  Yeah, that is a surprise.

To make up for it, the college nerds that used to tutor Homer in physics give Springfield Elementary a big budget computer upgrade.  That looks like it could make things better, but then when Skinner powers up the computers, everything goes badly because though he plugged the servers into power strips, not all power strips are surge protectors, and the sudden power surge shorts out each and every computer in the school, and since Skinner had the paper books incinerated, well…

The good news is Lisa notices Groundskeeper Willie using an ancient Scottish tool to make fairly accurate measurements.  That inspires Lisa to suggest to Skinner and Chalmers make Springfield Elementary into a Waldorf school, which is not in any way affiliated with the hotel or the salad (the men didn’t know about the salad).

It has nothing to do with these guys either. Waldorf is the one on the left.

What is a Waldorf school?  It emphasizes hands on learning instead of the other way.  You know, with books or computers and stuff like that.  And since Willie is so good with math, he becomes the new math coach.  And when he realizes Chalmers is ripping him off, he makes Bart the new captain of the math team when Bart successfully nails Chalmers with an egg.  Sure, Bart somehow misses the whole “math” part of the math team until he gets to the rematch for Waverly Hills, but he manages to solve the final, winning puzzle using something involving Homer’s hair.  Not bad.

But the real winner here is clearly lower standards.

Cue the jug band!

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