May 26, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Bull-E”

In which Springfield passes an anti-bullying law.

So, really, what am I doing here?

That’s the thought that occurred to me here, in an episode that featured a dream sequence where guest star Johnny Mathis replaces Groundskeeper Willie at the school, Joe Mategna’s Fat Tony, and another new, unhinged character played by Albert Brooks.  We got Ned Flanders’ children doing something about Homer when Marge gets an anti-bullying law passed and Chief Wiggum starts arresting all kinds of falsely accused people, many of whom were accused by Homer for such crimes as cutting him off in traffic and putting too much ice in his drink.

But for the life of me, here I sit, writing these up which are usually just plot summaries done in a way I hope is amusing while referencing any scenes or lines I thought was noteworthy.  I could do that here.  The way Brooks’ anti-bullying guy breaks Agnes Skinner makes for a small smile.  Krusty’s arrest was amusing.  Bart’s school dance and the puberty demon largely worked.  Hell, Brooks is consistently hilarious and he’s always a different character when he appears on the show.

But the episode seems to deal with Homer and Ned making up as Homer realizes he has a problem and is hailed around town as a hero for doing so.

That doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

So, with only one episode to go on season twenty-six, I find myself wondering what I am doing here.  I didn’t hate the episode, but we are so far from classic episodes now, it’s not even funny.

You know, besides keeping Gabbing Geek in new content.