July 20, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Kids Are All Fight”

In which Marge recounts how Bart and Lisa stopped constantly fighting.

Well, here we go, an episode that finally reveals the fates of both Grandma Flanders and Bart’s clown bed.

Did we need to know what happened?  Probably not.

See, it ended badly for both.  Grandma Flanders died (mostly) when she heard toddler Lisa quote Homer with a quick “Hells bells!”  The clown bed collapsed when Bart and Lisa landed on it after being flung from a tree off the Springfield Tire Fire.

How did they get there?  Well, Homer in the present finds a roll of undeveloped film in a jacket pocket, and since Moe’s general lighting combined with the chemical content of Duff can develop photos no problem, he develops the photos which show a lot of pictures of Bart (at the age of four) and Lisa (at two) constantly fighting while Homer apparently watched and took pictures.  This leads to a flashback where Homer has more hair and Marge has less.

But the constant fighting gets Homer and Marge an invite out with Ned and Maude for brunch, with Grandma Flanders  watching both sets of kids.  You know what happened to her, and Bart and Lisa took off when they heard the ice cream truck.  Homer and Marge then need to call the Springfield police, sure that those guys they have never called before must know what they are doing.

So, as the parents go looking, with Homer convinced “Maggie” would be a good name for a third kid, Bart and Lisa learn to work together to get what they want, where Lisa’s smarts and Bart’s Barts can maybe get them both good things.  What are Barts?  Bart doesn’t know.  Lisa’s the smart one.  He just made it up.

So, while out, the kids climb the Tire Fire and Homer manages to bend a tree long enough for them to grab hold, but not long enough to keep the tree from snapping back and flinging both young Simpsons clear across town and into the clown bed.

Damn clown bed.

I will say it is somewhat nice seeing younger versions of the Simpsons characters, but why did the kids fight?  Because they’re kids.  I grew up with three siblings.  We fought.  It happens.  It’s not a mystery.

The mystery is what Marge meant by having a room for growing weed.