May 31, 2023

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Deadwood “Leviathan Smiles”

Season Three, Episode Eight

I hadn’t realized I’d seen the actor who plays Steve the Drunk on Orange is the New Black, among other places.  Huh.

Then again, Steve gets kicked in the head by a horse and appears to be in a vegetative state.  We may not be seeing him again any time soon.

Then again, there are only four episodes left as it is.

So, the war between Hearst and the camp continues.  Sure, it’s a cold war, but that can get a lot hotter at any moment.  It leads to tension and people taking their abuse out on Sol Starr, who mostly smiles and lets it happen because he seems to know these folks are rarely mad at him so much as mad at other people.

But hey, new people in camp!  Wyatt Earp and his brother Morgan!  Former lawmen and Bullock…is wary of the guys since he’s never heard of them, and while they did seem to drive off some guys leading an ambush, Bullock knows from experience that it isn’t uncommon for former lawmen to use their skills in violence to work for the other side.  He says as much, and while the younger Earp Morgan seems inclined to do bad, the two quickly get jobs as gunslingers for Cy Toliver.

Toliver works for Hearst, right?  Does Hearst want more lawmen in Deadwood?  Not really.

See, the episode title refers to something that brings a smile to Hearst’s face…namely a mob of torch-carrying men who clearly answer to Hearst.  Hearst didn’t like Bullock’s letter.  Aunt Lou is worried about her son, and she’s known him for years.  Now he has a small army.

Now he smiles.

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