May 29, 2023

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Simpsons Did It!: “Peeping Mom”

In which Marge wants to know if Bart really did swipe a bulldozer.

Well, this was something.

Here’s the thing:  I didn’t hate this episode.  Far from it.  But it also, like many latter day Simpsons, didn’t grab me as well as the show used to.

I mean, what we had here were a pair of plots about love and whatnot.  In one, Chief Wiggum accuses Bart of swiping a bulldozer.  No one saw anything, and Bart denies it, so Marge takes to following Bart everywhere and mothering him until he confesses.  And I mean she follows him everywhere and the lies start coming out both to Marge (Martin does not cheat off Bart’s tests as it is the other way around) and to Nelson (Marge isn’t dead).  Finally, Bart almost pulls a prank with a second bulldozer but has a flash of Marge and thinks better of it, settling for a lesser prank that doesn’t infuriate the town.

And that includes a trip to Leper Island.

But then we have Flanders adopting a puppy he names…Baz.  That’s the short version.  But the puppy likes Homer much better and Flanders almost gives up the dog to his neighbor, but Homer feels bad about it and immediately gives Baz back.  That was nice.

So, what then?  Well, we see Homer has a heart towards his neighbor, which we’ve seen before, and we see Bart isn’t all bad and Marge cares, which we’ve seen before.  I rarely quit a project once I’ve started, and well, after this one that has been going on for over two years, why stop now?

So, really, after twenty-six seasons, that’s what we have.

I guess I’ll move on.

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