February 1, 2023

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Godless “Shot The Head Off A Snake”

Episode Five

Godless has demonstrated that Frank Griffin, scary villain though he is, is a fairly complex character.

Let’s look at his backstory with Roy.

Roy, we know, was left at a nun’s orphanage by his brother Jim.  Jim, as far as Roy knew, never came back for him, but it turns out Jim did send Roy a letter, but the nun never took the time to teach Roy how to read (something Alice is making up for in the “present”).  As it turns out, Frank didn’t either.  How did they meet?  Roy tried to steal Frank’s horse.

Frank actually respects that and doesn’t fear the kid who pulled a gun on him.  Instead, he adopts the boy and reads the Bible to him.  Well, it might be the Bible.  Frank is a bit circumspect when asked what Bible he gets his verses from.

So, Frank taught Roy how to handle a horse, how to shoot…and how to kill.  Roy eventually had enough of that.

As it is, outside the flashback, Frank has looked into the nun and finds she left her old orphanage to open a saloon.  Frank has a good idea where she got the money for that.

What kind of nun opens a saloon?

It may be a moot point.  Roy and Alice deliver the horses to La Belle and that amoral jackass A.T. Grigg, only out for a story, seems to figure out who the mysterious Montgomery Ward’s real name.

Say, did Sheriff McNue find help from the Army to take down the Griffin gang?

Nope.  They were sent after Geronimo.

Things will be getting bloody before this is over.

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