May 24, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Waiting For Duffman”

In which Homer becomes the new Duffman.

Hey!  It’s a guest voice by R. Lee Ermey has Col. Hapablap again!

And he’s done after one line.

Then again, this episode also features a guest appearance by one Cat Deeley, and even after looking her up I still don’t really know who she is.

So, at some weird bike parade, Duffman flexes his pelvis a little too hard and breaks a hip.  He’s going to have to retire.

Why bring that up?  Because that means we’ll be getting a live reality show competition to choose a new Duffman, and Homer has a dream to be that Duffman.  For the booze?  Nah.  He wants a little extra line on his obituary when he finally dies.  You know, a modicum of respect.  Marge can go along with that.

As it is, Homer is great at all the different contests, especially the “Oh yeah!”  But when his competition is the likes of Rainer Wolfcastle, Drederick Tatum, the Old Jewish Man, and Groundskeeper Willie, that isn’t that surprising.  All that means is that Homer is…the second runner up to a man who is actually in shape.  But that guy gets disqualisfied for having another alcohol brand as a lower back tattoo.  Homer just had Marge’s name.  So, he’s in.

And then this happens.

So, Homer is going to love this, right?  Well, Howard K Duff VII (returning guest star Stacy Keach) does have one condition that he only mentions after Homer gets a chip injected into him:  Duffman never drinks.  He has to stay sober.  Heck, by then Marge discovered she liked Duff.  This will be hard.

Or not.  Homer loves the attention.  Then he learns about all the negative side effects of drinking like homeless drunks, Moe pumping beer down Barney’s throat, and lots of littered cans.  So, he tries to prove you don’t need alcohol for fun by subbing alcohol-free Duff at a NASCAR event.

It goes about as well as can be expected.  Homer is fire.  He learns the chip was a lie.  And the original Duffman comes back.

So, yeah.  The drinking continues.

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