December 6, 2022

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YouTube Selection: “Pan’s Labyrinth: Crash Course Film Criticism #9”

A quick look into the world of film criticism as focused on the movie Pan's Labyrinth.

I am wondering how I left Pan’s Labyrinth off my Top 25 All Time Movie List.  It’s a phenomenal film.

Oh well.  The folks at Crash Course, a series of online educational videos produced by PBS, did a nice video looking deep into the film and what it might mean.

For me, it might mean I need to make a new list…

So, for those who haven’t seen it, Pan’s Labyrinth is an R-rated fairy tale from director Guillermo del Toro about a girl living through the Spanish Civil War who imagines (or maybe doesn’t) a fairy tale world to escape to with its own rules and customs.  Like many real fairy tales, it isn’t a coddling experience and can be rather intense and scary in its own right.  Crash Course looks into what the movie might mean, particularly if the movie’s fantasy sequences are real or not.  See for yourself.  SPOILERS for the film if you haven’t seen it.

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