June 15, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Princess Guide”

In which Moe spends time with a Nigerian princess.

So, apparently, Elon Musk’s visit to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant had some long term effects that are still hurting the place.  That’s like…continuity, man.

I am not sure how I feel about that.

But first, it’s Take Your Daughter To Work Day.  Homer brings Lisa to the plant, but when she ruins her lunch into an inedible sludge and doesn’t want any of the freshly killed buffalo meat, it’s up to Homer to do what he does best and do some creative lunchroom trading to turn a single corn chip into a salad for his older daughter.  That earns him a hug.

Meanwhile, Mr. Burns is so low on funds he’s had to turn in his usual hounds for some adorable toy poodles.  His only hope is to get some cheap uranium from the king of Nigeria (voiced by voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson).  The king has brought his daughter Princess Kemi (guest voice Yaya DaCosta).  He needs someone to watch her.  She’s an adult, by the way, but he still needs it.  That means Burns needs to find someone, so he checks his monitors.  His top two choices are a man getting ready to hang himself and Homer, who is at that moment getting a hug from Lisa.

Smithers would remind Burns how bad Homer is at, oh, everything that doesn’t involve lunchroom swaps, but Burns said if the Nigerian sale fails to go through, he’ll have to sell everything and move with Smithers to a South Pacific island somewhere, which is just Smithers’ dream come true.  So, he’ll let the whole “Homer is incompetent” thing slide for now.

But it turns out Homer is incompetent, and the princess eventually convinces Homer to take her outside.  That means a trip to Moe’s, and Kemi actually finds Moe charming.  That happens sometimes.  The problem is Moe learns she’s from Nigeria, and he once got scammed by a “Nigerian Prince” despite several pop-up warnings from his bank.  Thinking it might be Kemi’s brother, Moe wants more answers, but she disappears and forces Homer to go looking for her.  As it is, she doesn’t go far, and Moe learns to like the young woman.  He even takes her out the next day for her first montage, one that ends when Homer finds them at the Springfield Tire Fire, but really ends when a paparazzi photographer (brief guest star Jon Lovitz) snaps a shot of her kissing Moe on the forehead.

That would kill the deal with the king, but Homer intervenes again to point out that when you raise daughters, you have to give them a lot of leeway since he can’t beat Lisa in an argument and she is 12 (or, as she correctly points out, 8).  So, the king sells Burns some uranium, and Moe and Smithers go on to be disappointed.  Though the Princess didn’t love Moe, she just liked him.  And then he respected her.

As for Smithers, Burns had some clones that got loose, so he won’t be lonely much longer either.

Though as a final note on Burns, his next door neighbor is guest star Richard Branson, and he’s a real Flanders to Burns.  That was a bit clever.