December 2, 2023

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “DUI”

Season Two, Episode Four.

There’s a point in this episode where Pablo figures he can follow a plan from a dubious source because things can’t get any worse.

Is he new to this show?  Things can always get worse.

Our story opens with Ash trying to put his dead father’s head back together.  What possessed person is driving his beloved Delta?  Um, nobody.  The car itself is possessed, and soon grabs Pablo as a second passenger.

While this is going on, Ruby and Kelly go off to kill demons.  That’s all I have to say about that.

So, Ash is alone, he’s got no car and his only remaining ally is having weird visions.  Who can he get for help when he says the only people he cares about are Pablo, Kelly, and his pet lizard Eli?

When was the last time we even saw Eli?

Well, there’s always Chet, Ash’s childhood buddy, and the only man in Elk Grove with a crappier car than Ash.  Sure, he’ll let Ash drive if they go down Mammary Lane (not a typo), and he’ll be initially reassured when told the chainsaw is for ice sculpting and the shotgun is for people who try to ditch without paying for the ice sculptures.  But I’ll say this for Chet:  he completely accepts Ash’s explanation for what happened when Ash finally tells him the truth.  That’s a first.  He’s a good friend.  He drops Ash off at the closed roller derby arena.  Why would the Delta be there?  Ash says it’s because he got laid there once, but Chet remembers Ash’s father bought the Delta there in the first place.  See?  Chet is a good friend.

He’ll probably be dead in a few more episodes since that’s how this show rolls.

So, while Ash fights his possessed car, Pablo is given an offer from the Necronomicon to toss it back to Hell if Pablo reads a certain spell from the book.  Pablo reasons that things can’t get any worse.

I will repeat:  it can always get worse.

So, when Ash, um, I guess, kills the Delta, Pablo recites the spell and a portal to Hell opens up in the Delta’s trunk.  The guys toss the book in there, the portal seems to close, and the two walk away as Ash figures he can fix the car and keep it for a while longer.

Then, after the pair are gone, some fiery demon bursts out of the trunk, just as Ruby knows something awful just happened.

See, it can always get worse.