July 22, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: The Abrams Edition

The Geeks discuss stuff they did that I'd already heard a lot about. So I'll have to talk about something else.

This week on the podcast, the Geeks discussed fun stuff they did, or in Watson’s case, fun stuff they missed.

But I’d already heard about a lot of that stuff.  So, what can I talk about?

Well, they spent a lot of time talking about a commercial for a movie.

Watson’s ideal ad.

But then they also argued about Last Jedi again or something.  And then someone wondered what JJ Abrams must feel about what Rian Johnson did with his characters.  Maybe it was Watson or Ryan.  Or it was Jenny.  Or Jimmy.  He never shuts up.

Yeah, well, I have an answer to that:  I don’t care what JJ Abrams thinks of that.  Why?  They aren’t really his characters.  He was playing in someone else’s playground and as such had no rights to those characters.  Disney owns them.  He was doing work for hire.  Big, big budget work for hire.  He didn’t create the Jedi or the Force or even the general plot of that movie he made.  Who cares what he thinks?  Heck, he came back all the same to finish the trilogy off, so he could probably fix those “problems” if he wanted to.

You know who I wonder about?  George Lucas.  He had his own ideas for movies, and he’s been shunted aside after taking a large amount of money, seeing Disney do what he probably easily could have done if he so chose:  turn Star Wars into a cash machine, such that any sort of storytelling soul he may or may not possess is disregarded.  For better or worse, Lucas would not have made Last Jedi.  He sold his life’s work and now has no say over them.

See, that’s more interesting a line of questioning to me because he actually did create that universe and many of those concepts that Abrams and Johnson both piggybacked off of.

Besides, Honest Trailers dropped one for Last Jedi today.