February 24, 2024

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Altered Carbon “Fallen Angel”

Season One, Episode Two.

You know, I was somewhat “warned” (for lack of a better word) that Altered Carbon had a lot of nudity in it.

What I am saying is I now know what Joel Kinnaman’s butt and James Purefoy’s genitals look like.

Plus, lots of boobs.

Now, the show could just stick to Kovacs’ investigation into Bancroft’s murder, but there’s more going on, so after a trip to cloning facility where the rich can get designer sleeves, we see him check out people who sent Bancroft death threats.

Bancroft is a rich man who makes people angry.  There were a lot of people sending threats, but Kovacs can narrow the field a bit by looking for people with a history of violence and military training.  That narrows the field a bit and leads him to a grieving father whose wife is in prison for computer crimes and whose daughter is trapped in a vitrual trauma loop that may be Bancroft’s fault.

By the by, Kovacs can fight.

But this is TV, so we also see Lt. Ortega looking into a body that was hidden in the morgue after the woman’s grieving mother demanded answers.  Oretga took the corpse’s sleeve…and that woman was seen plummeting from a tall height into a body of water multiple times, so she’s probably important.

Oh, and the hotel AI Edgar Poe gets some backtalk from other AIs and wants to be Kovacs’ partner.  I really like that guy.

Should I mention Kovacs then slept with Bancroft’s wife?  Probably.

This is one weird show.