February 24, 2024

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Vikings “The Plan”

Season Five, Episode Four.

So, apparently, the plan for the show is to show how the lose of a unifying leader leaves the other characters scattered and directionless.

I am totally fine with that.

After all, we can see where different people end up.  Bjorn gets to Sicily, and though he agrees to be a bodyguard for a local commander, and he has a famous former nun hanging around, his real goal is to meet the real power behind the guy.  As it is, he’s mostly just a little disappointed he isn’t the first vikings to get to these people.

As for Lagertha, she has issues at home, and not just because the Eyeless Seer Dude promises she won’t see Bjorn again until a very dark time.  Ubbe’s wife Margrethe, AKA Too Pretty The Sequel, is trying to foment rebellion against Lagertha in the hearts of people like Ubbe (who just agreed to a temporary truce with his mother’s killer over the greater threat of Harald) and Torvi.  At least one of those people might be listening, but Lagertha heard it too and she…doesn’t seem to mind all told.

Also not minding?  Astrid, who decided to marry Harald for…some reason.

But in terms of falling off the radar, we have Psycho Ivar and That Asshole Floki.

Ivar, for one, is now pissing off his only remaining brother Hvitserk, who doesn’t want to be treated like an errand boy, which is why he ditched Ubbe.  Ivar might actually be treating him worse, but we do learn over on the Saxon side it was weasel-faced Heahmund who ordered Ubbe and Hvitserk’s beating, not Aethelwulf or Alfred, both of whom might have been inclined to negotiate.  Aethelwulf also knows they need reinforcements to attack York again, but Heahmund instead suggests a siege to starve the northmen out.  That may be working as only Ivar seems to have enough to eat (that rat!), but then when the smoke comes out of York, the Saxons come in to find the city somehow deserted, with only a couple horses and a lot of rats in the local church.

And then, there’s That Asshole Floki, who still thinks he found Asgard, so he opts to go and bring people back to this mystical land with a volcano in the background and…

Holy crap!  Did he just discover Iceland!?!