September 28, 2023

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “Last Call”

Season Two, Episode Three.

And to the surprise of no one who was paying attention, here’s Ted Raimi, brother of Sam, who is once again appearing in one of his brother’s productions.

Ted plays one Chet Kaminski, an old friend of Ash that, just judging by how this shows goes, will be dead before the season ends.

But after teenagers steal Ash’s car with the Necronomicon inside, Ash has what even Ruby concedes is a brilliant idea:  throw a huge party at the bar Chet works at, complete with Chet’s signature hallucinogenic drink.

Problem one:  the kids who stole the Dodge are getting high on Ash’s weed and one girl finds the book and reads from it.  She becomes a Deadite who does something….painful to her boyfriend, and the car itself gets possessed.  The only lucky member of that group is the sheriff’s daughter, and by “lucky,” I mean she was inside the car when it went evil and only had to watch her friends get killed and not be killed herself.

She’ll probably be dead later.

Problem two:  Brock Williams shows up a the party and gives his son grief.

Given Ash and Brock are both cut from the same vulgar cloth, Ruby gets disgusted and leaves with Kelly to just kill some evil things.

But that Deadite girl shows up and attacks Brock after he easily beats Ash at the mechanical bull.  Ash takes the girl out, and Brock finally believes his son.  Feeling pride, Brock goes to tell Ash a secret.

And then Brock is run over and killed by the possessed demon car.