January 19, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Covercraft”

In which Homer and some of the neighborhood dads form a cover band.

I didn’t think it was possible, but Moe’s neighbor may be a bigger scuzzball than he is.

See, Moe finds his next door neighbor, King Toot (guest star Will Forte), is using his dumpster again.  Moe has told Toot many times not to do this, but Toot, well, he’s expanding his business to include tanning beds with hidden cameras in them and he already steals all the catalogues out of Moe’s mail.  Plus, he just looks scummy.

That’s weird.  The guy who ran that music store didn’t look like that before.

To be fair, the Internet tells me this guy is named “Jer” not “King Toot”.

Point is, the two get into a fight, Toot’s store gets trashed, and they both go to jail.

And then cue Homer and Lisa looking to get Lisa a new reed for her sax.  The only thing left is to go to a big box music store, which Lisa doesn’t care for, but whatever.  They got the reeds.  They also got a lot of guitars in there, and it doesn’t take much to talk Homer into getting a bass guitar and a lot of equipment up to and including lights and gels for said lights.  Now Homer is laying down licks like all the famous bass players he can’t name.  That just drives Marge to distraction, only having a dinner out with some other wives reveals a lot of men in Springfield reach middle age and just start jamming.  What if they all jammed together and then rotated whose house they used?  Then the women would get more peace and quiet.

That means we have Reverend Lovejoy on guitar, Kirk VanHouten on keyboards, and Dr. Hibbert on drums.  Plus, with Homer, the guys all like 80s metal-type glam rock.  That means they actually start having fun.  And then when Apu shows up, well, he can sing those sorts of songs perfectly, particularly for the (completely fictional) 80s band Sungazer.  Apu learned to sing these tunes working in the Kwik-E-Mart as a way to keep said tunes from driving him insane like other clerks.  Heck, he doesn’t even have his accent when he sings.

Why is Homer surprised Apu can sing so well?  They used to be part of the same barbershop quartet

It’s like continuity doesn’t even matter on this show.

At any rate, Homer suggests they form a cover band called Covercraft, and they start having fun, rocking out at all kinds of community events, especially different kinds of cabbage fairs.  Springfield has a lot of them.  The only thing they need is to make sure Apu wears his work shirt to help him calm his nerves.

But then something odd happens, and the real Sungazer come to Apu and ask him to replace their dead lead singer on tour.  And he agrees.  Covercraft loses its lead singer, and Homer wonders why the Rock Gods are laughing at him.  That would be four guys in the clouds:  John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Sammy Hagar.  Wait, Hagar isn’t dead.  He’s a guest star, and he’s getting the heimlich maneuver on a beach somewhere, so he’s OK now.

And it turns out, as much as Homer said it was about the music, that was only true until one guy got to live his dreams.  Now he’s full of envy.  Lisa had guessed jealousy, but Homer actually knows the difference between jealousy and envy.  Wow.  That’s actually impressive.

And though Apu is very successful in his new gig, Homer just can’t be happy for him.  Even when he gets some backstage passes for him and the family for Sungazer’s Springfield show.  As such, he sneaks backstage to steal Apu’s shirt and while hiding in the closet learns Apu is miserable and being treated very poorly by the band.  That information is all Homer needs to help Apu get even.

That means a call to Sanjay (wait, that character still exists?!) at the Kwik-E-Mart to bring all the hot dogs to the show.  And when Sungazer eats them, they get sick, so Apu can lead Covercraft out to play the stadium.  Everyone is happy.

Well, not quite.  Homer and Apu are arrested for the whole food poisoning thing, but they get to hear Sammy Hagar tell entertaining stories in jail alongside Moe and King Toot.

I’m sure Toot will be a completely different man if he comes back a third time.

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