March 2, 2024

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “The Morgue”

Season Two, Episode Two.

I’m sure I mentioned this last time, but casting Lee Majors as Ash’s dad was downright brilliant.  That man copies Bruce Campbell’s dumbass-style swagger perfectly.

To make matters worse for Ash, and things always get worse for Ash, he sees a woman he had some, shall we say, pantless fun with is now going with his dad.  And this has happened before.

But as he and Kelly go to the local morgue to retrieve the Necronomicon, Pablo tries to interrogate Ruby to find out why he’s having premonitions.  Pablo sucks at this, and all anyone learns is Ruby discovers the cause of her demonic children going crazy is her ex-husband Baal is behind it all.

So, this whole thing is basically a custody battle?

Wait, why was the book at the morgue?  Isn’t that a bad place considering the Evil often reanimates corpses?  That’s true.  In fact, it did already, and the unknown corpse killed the coroner.  Ash leaves Kelly to stand guard while he goes inside.  See, Ruby left the book in a corpse because dead flesh can hide the book.  Makes sense.   She also didn’t tell Ash which corpse, so he of course cuts them all open with his chainsaw until he realizes the one with a book-shaped abdomen is probably the right one.  And then the worst happens.

The large intestine of that corpse comes to life, complete with teeth in the anus, and attacks Ash.  He gets bitten, and then has his head shoved up the backside of the dead man, with his own head looking out of the hole he cut into it to find the book.  Sure, he gets out from the world’s worst colostomy, but he also smells of, let’s say poop for the rest of the episode, and he never wants to hear either syllable of the word “asshole” again.

Oh, but bad news:  that old lady paramour of Ash’s that is now an old lady paramour of Brock’s died.  That’s a Deadite back at the house.

Fortunately, Ruby mostly takes care of it while Ash leaves the book safely looked in his car.

Unfortunately, he and  Kelly mouthed off to some teenagers before they got back to the house and those rotten kids stole Ash’s car with the book locked in the trunk.

That sounds about par for the course, truth be told.