June 15, 2024

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YouTube Selection: Lindsay Ellis’ “My Monster Boyfriend”

YouTube essayist Lindsay Ellis takes a look at inhuman love interests.

The Shape of Water won Best Picture this past Sunday, and, well, I loved it.  It even made my 2017 Top Ten List.  At #2 no less!

But there is something to it when we consider the idea of a woman being romanced, or romancing, “the other”.

YouTube essayist Lindsay Ellis has some thoughts on that.

See, according to Ellis, women being paired off with things that aren’t human (or are human but that’s racism at work) is an old story concept, and it’s taken many forms.  The Creature from the Black Lagoon and the fish man from Shape of Water might be cousins, but they are treated very differently as potential mates for a human woman.  Ellis makes a good argument, connecting the fish men to the likes of King Kong and some really weird erotica that exists thanks to the Internet.  Take a look.